There are different types of sneakers, each of them serving a different purpose. Read on to find list of the various kinds of sneakers available in the market.

Types Of Sneakers

Sneakers have found an important place in the cupboards of most of the people. They are comfortable to wear and look trendy too. While most of the other types of shoes available in the market can cause you a pain in your foot, sneakers are not amongst them. They are a great pick to accompany you on an outing, especially if it is an adventurous. These days, there are different varieties of sneakers available in the market, each of them meant to solve a specific purpose. Read on to find the list of the different types of sneakers available in the market.
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Types Of Sneakers
Casual Sneakers
Casual sneakers have become one of the most important parts of a person's attire. They are made to suit both men and women and are very comfortable to wear. They usually have canvas or suede leather on the upper part, to give the feet the ability to breath through the shoes. The soft foot bed is removable; extra cushioned and contains good circulation nubs. The sole of casual shoes is made in such a way that it has the property of shock absorption. There are various types of casual sneakers available today. They are mostly specific to the kind of activity you want to indulge in, such as trekking, walking, jogging, etc.
Dance Sneakers
For passionate dancers, dance sneakers are the best. They help you dance to your heart's content, without causing any kind of pain in your feet. They are basically designed to meet the demands of the dancers, being comfortably flexible during movements. Dynamic Resistance Technology is used to make dance sneakers. This technology makes the use of light weight materials, such as sleek leather, along with mesh upper. These sneakers also provide shock absorption to the dancer and add to his/her agility. They assist in smooth spin circles and quick effortless turns, which are the main movements of dance.
Athletic Sneakers
Athletic sneakers play an important role in enhancing the talent of a player. Apart from having the knack to play the game, you should also have the right kind of instruments, to add that special zing to your abilities. In sports, players are required to be quick and brisk. Shoes are very important, as they can provide features like stability, quick movement, etc, to the feet. Generally, athletic shoes have canvas built or fine leather upper, to give good breathing ability and support to the player. For the cushioning, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate mid sole is often employed. Athletic sneakers are often made in low cut design, to assist in movement. External heel cup is added for pace in uneven and rugged grounds.

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