Looking for some simple strappy footwear that leaves your feet exposed and comfortable? Try out a pair of sandals. Steer through this article to know the different kinds of sandals.

Types Of Sandal

Summers and sandals go hand in hand. With the snow melting away and the spring rains subsiding, it’s time to put those Ugg boots and thick socks back into the almirah and reveal your beautiful tootsies. Sandals are generally categorized as any footwear that exposes most of your foot and more often, your toes. Comfortable and easy to wear, you can pair sandals with almost anything. By keeping your feet cool and sweat-free even when the temperature reaches burning degrees, sandals help in circulating the air around your feet. So, while it is the sandal season, why not pick up a fresh pair from the new stock and flaunt your feet proudly! Check out the different kinds of sandals available at your end to choice from. Read through the following lines to know them.
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Different Kinds Of Sandals
These super-strappy Roman style sandals are the most common and popular designs found in the market. With many straps on the sole to hold the foot to the upper sole, a gladiator sandal has a thick band which goes around the ankle to keep the foot secured in position. To increase the sexiness of the style, you can pick up a sandal designed with heels. They make a perfect choice for daily wear, college and nightclubs as well.
These casual sandals are named after the sound that they make when the wearer walks. The flip-flop sandal, also known as zori sandal or thong, secures the foot through a strap that passes from between the first two toes extending to each side of the foot, thereby forming a ‘Y’ shaped strap. Originally from Japanese zori, flip-flops are made from rubber or leather and are mostly worn on the beach or around the house only. However, these days, you can find exquisite flip-flops beautified by attractive buckles and other accessories, thereby making them a perfect choice for formal attire.
A wedge sandal is distinguished by a wedge heel that has a sole capped off with a small heel. Wedges provide a good balance and support and are mostly made to be worn with fashionable dresses. In case you are looking for wedges that are lightweight and durable, pick up ones made of cork.
Sport Sandal
Sandals specifically designed for hiking and other similar activities are categorized as sport sandals. They are mostly worn by men and students in the summer season due to their comfortability factor. Since they are more casual, they are best reserved for casual settings and outings rather than office or on the dance floor.
Evening Sandal
Those looking for hot sandals, these are your pick. Choose a pair of evening sandals with thick heels if you wish to hit the dance floor and spend time with friends. But, if you are hunting for a sandal that will perfectly suit your formal dinner or casual conversation with family and loved ones, opt for a sophisticated heel.
A t-strap is a sandal that goes between your toes and hooks onto the ankle strap holding the foot firmly in place. Such sandals offer minimal coverage of the foot. For that perfect tan look on your feet, slip into a pair of t-straps on the beach or to the college. They are mostly meant for evenings and weekends. However, keep these away from office.

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