With summer already reminding us of its proximity, it is important that you start buying must-have accessories like gladiator sandals. Read on to know all about the trend of gladitor sandals.

What Are Gladiator Sandals

Fashion can draw inspiration from anything - animals, machines, and celebrities to remote tribal communities, past and present to ancient civilizations. Let us take the example of gladiator sandals, which have been inspired from the revered warriors of yesteryears and become the must-haves for every summer. The moment summer approaches, you can see these sandals everywhere - hanging from the shops in Fashion Street of Mumbai, Gandhi Bazaar in Bengaluru and Sarojini Nagar Market in New Delhi. They are comfortable and airy, a perfect choice for the summers. They are available in many colours and styles - from heeled to flats and from those that finish at the ankle to those that end right below the knee. If you want to read more about the trend of gladiator sandals, read on.
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Where Did Gladiator Sandals Come From?
Before you know how to use gladitor sandals to suit your frame best, you may want to know where they have come from and what is their association with the gladiators of old times. These sandals are t-strap sandals, with several straps running across the front of the foot. They were favored by Ancient Greeks and Romans, because they were made to let air circulate between the gaps and thus, prevent the feet from excessive sweating and dehydration. In the present times, they have become a must have for every summer wardrobe.
Gladiator Sandals As Fashion Accessory!
As summer comes around, it brings with it cottons, knee length skirts and gladiator sandals. Gladiator sandals are a hit with both men and women. The difference lies in the fact that those meant for women often boast of more variety and can extend up to the knees in height. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts, and even dresses. These sandals can be used to give a casual look as well as a formal one; in the fact that they can be flat as well as heeled.
Who Can Wear Gladiator Sandals?
Women who have long and slender legs, but not too much flesh around the calves, can wear gladiator sandals without a second thought. Especially the ones that end right below the knee are made just for them. Those who have fleshy and thick ankles, however, would have to be more careful in selecting their pair of gladiator sandals, so that the attention is not drawn to their calves. They should avoid gladiator sandals that are flat and have to be tied too high up their legs. If the strap is kept short, it will draw attention away from their calves, making them look less bulky. For such women, the safest bet is high-heeled gladiator sandals that end a little above the ankle.
How To Accessorize Gladiator Sandals?
  • Short gladitor sandals would look good with skirts that finish above the knee and shorts too. Plain brown ones would go well with white skirts ; while black ones would attract too much attention towards the feet.
  • Denims that end at the knee, or a little below it ,could be paired with longer gladiator sandals that go up the calf.
  • Heeled gladitor sandals are meant to give a sexy and feminine appeal to a woman. They go best with jeans and flowing, feminine skirts that end below the knee.
Some Tips
Here are some tips to make the exercise of wearing gladiators more appealing to you:
  • To make the whole look more appealing, get yourself a pedicure and apply a nail paint that suits you. The gladiators will accentuate the toes and you will feel more confident of them, if they look beautiful.
  • Do not always go for black in terms of colours. It is safe as long as you stick to the basic colours of brown, tan, and beige.
  • You could go for a metallic silver or gold colour in gladitor sandals, which will instantly add charm to your attire.

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