Beaded shoes and sandals are the current rage in footwear throughout the world now. Check out information on beaded footwear.

Beaded Footwear

All those who irresistibly collect shoes and sandals will surely love to have this new style to their collection. Endorsed by many international celebrities, beaded footwear is definitely the hottest fashion statement to take fashion conscious youth by storm. One can find beads in almost all kinds of sandals like flat footwear, pointed toe, sling backs, platform, sandals, pumps, etc. Beads can be used in formal and informal footwear and they definitely enhance the appeal of it. You can also have beaded flip-flops that can be worn to the beach or a casual evening out with friends.
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The Design
The footwear is carefully designed by skilled artisans who intricately bring out the beauty of the beaded sandals in a unique way. The compact design of the footwear makes it very comfortable to wear. Not only is it comfortable, it also durable and lasts long since it is handmade. The artisans take extra care to check the quality of the beads and the threads that are used. They can be found in many different designs and can be worn as simple footwear as well highly sophisticated fashion accessories. The wide assortment of designs gives consumers a big range to choose from.
Styling Quotient
Beaded footwear is definitely a major styling element as it can be worn with a wide range of clothes. This includes simple pair of jeans to short skirts to traditional outfits to the sexy evening gown. They are designed in many different colors so as to go with your traditional outfits and different attires. Beaded footwear is definitely one of the most fashionable things to have in your wardrobe. Get an assortment in different colors and designs to complete your collection and your friends will definitely envy you! What’s more? You will definitely be the center of attraction wherever you go and people will turn their heads to glance at your footwear.
The materials used to make beaded footwear are usually beads of different colors and sizes and strong thread to secure the beads. The footwear may also be made of rubber or eco-friendly leather that provides excellent thermal insulation. The treads that are used are usually strong cotton threads or silk threads that have a certain amount of shimmer. The colors of the beads used for the footwear are usually bright and glittery, which makes it the ultimate fashion accessory. So go ahead and buy your collection today!

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