The winters not only bring with them a breeze of fresh cold air, but call for a wardrobe change as well. Check out our tips on choosing men’s footwear for the fall and winter of 2010.

Men’s Shoes Fall 2010

With the days getting shorter and nights becoming lazier, one thing which is certain is that winters are steadily moving in, taking the sun off to the southern hemisphere and giving us some very chilly winter mornings and lazy days ahead. But now is not the time to be lazing around. In fact, this is the ideal time to prepare ourselves to brace the hard winters in style and refurbish our wardrobes with the best of the winter fashion. While women need to upgrade their wardrobe extensively, for men, apart from apparels, essential footwear is an absolute necessity to beat the winter chills. Shoes always tell you about a person’s personality and lets you know of his/her mood and sensibilities. The shoe styles, this fall, have been absolutely exciting, with loafers and sneakers becoming the showstoppers in the new designer lines, replacing the dress shoes from the spring and summer collections. Sports shoes have returned to prominence too this fall season. With the following lines, we bring you the top five must-have shoe types for your fall/winter wardrobe.
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Men’s Footwear Trends For Fall 2010
Blame it on their look or style, black ankle boots are the primary pick for the fall season. Couple them with your woolen slacks or corduroy and you've got a great business look for the fall. They are a good transitional item, if you're going out after work as well. Simply remove your blazer, and the elegant boots will add a touch of modern sophistication to your formal outfit. Try picking an ankle boot with a square toe and a lower, less chunky heel. Lace-ups are a no-no, if you want to pull of a sophisticated look.
The right pair of outdoor sneakers is not only trendy, but a great way to beat the winter chills too. Plus, since they are rough and tough, buying a single pair can last you the entire winters, without the need of you spending your moolahs. Outdoor sneakers though have the casual look of a regular sneaker, tend to lend a trendier air to your favorite pair of jeans. Going vintage is the call for the season. Sneakers with a vintage touch to them lend an air of sophistication and modernity to even the most casual of attires. Get a pair of sneakers that help you bring back the retro look. They’re fun, go with most outfits when you’re not trying to impress anyone, and are absolute cool stuff. Remember to avoid buying running or basketball sneakers, unless you're performing either of the sports.
Casual Shoes
While casual footwear for men can vary from sneakers to loafers, never underestimate the fashionable allure of a casual lace-up shoe. Suede is definitely the choice for casual shoes this fall. Buy a suede oxford in muted shade and you will have a great pair which you can dress up with a pair of jeans or your khakis. They’re great to wear every day, look sharp and are a great addition to your closet. Don't get these confused with sneakers though. A casual shoe may look as laidback as a sneaker, but it isn’t as functional. The only downside to suede is that it can be tricky to clean and maintain, especially if you live in an area with tons of snow and rain. If you're buying a suede or leather shoe, buy the protector spray that your salesperson is trying to sell you at half rate. It will protect your new kicks from the unpredictable elements winters sometimes offer, ensuring their longevity.
Loafers/Slip-On Shoes
If you believe that loafers are only for oldies, then you are up for a surprise. Men's slip-on shoes are something you will find in tons, this fall. Everything from driving mocs, to casual "wear to the office" shoes, to the dressier ones, slip-ons are available in various types. They're great, because they can be worn for almost any situation with the exception of a suit. They are also really comfortable, durable and give enough support. The new variation in the loafers is the introduction of curved angles and smaller rubber soles. This helps in keeping the shoe looking sleeker and more sophisticated. Wear these with a pair of jeans or slacks and you’ll look good enough for a casual afternoon or a fun night out. To make sure you're picking a modern loafer, just stay away from any shoe that looks too bulky or that glistens with patent leather.
Atheletic Shoes
Remember most people who run or play sports require specialized sports shoes that match their foot shape. You can get these by consulting people at the footwear stores or through online and other tests that you can do yourself. Bold new designs are in if you’re looking for performance out of your athletic shoes, when hitting the gym or the open road. All the shoe-making companies have introduced brand new versions that promise maximum cushioning, increased performance and durability. The new designs are lighter, yet give you a complete exercise, whenever you use them.

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