The keyword for men’s shoes fashion 2010 is comfort and style. Explore the article to know about Men’s Shoes Fashion 2010.

Men’s Shoes Fashion 2010

It is a strange fact that even when most of the fashion designers are men, when it comes to trends, men generally take a back seat in their collection. Although with the coming time, the ubersexual men have come out from oblivion and have taken the reign. The likes of Tom Ford, David Beckham, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and the Bonds from Sean Connery, to Daniel Craig paved the way for the commoners to follow. Today the fashion doesn’t just consist of shaving and throwing on the back whatever it is there in the closet. The ubersexual has gone ahead and is actively participating in creating and adapting fashion. Today men not only choose their clothes with diligence, but are very peculiar about their accessories and even fret about rough skin. With all these, it is no wonder that in recent times, all the fashion aficionadas are bringing in their designs much ahead of the time. 2009 is yet to bid farewell but the designers are bringing in their fall/winter and summer/spring collections for 2010 not only for clothes but of accessories as well and this year shoes have attracted a special attention of almost all the designers. So, if you are among the nouveau genre of men, who are on lookout for the latest fad, read on to know about men’s shoes trends in 2010. 
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Men’s Shoes Trend 2010 
Those who think espadrilles are for girls, needs to think again. Originating in Pyrenees, these casual flat sandals usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a rope or rope like soles. And when comfort is the keyword for the fashion trend 2010, then how could espadrilles not be one of the best trend in summer/spring 2010. So give your feet a duet of comfort and style with either the loafers (with closed back and closed toes) or the mules (with open back). They are also available in boat shapes and in various colors. Pick your style and flaunt your feet, which would scream attitude and comfort. The best pick of the espadrilles this season would be from Ralph Lauren, Prada, Armani, Cole Haan, Toms etc.
Patent Leather Shoes
This year's fashion must-have includes almost anything in patent leather especially shoes. The high gloss shiny finish can be worn anytime of the day and to almost any occasion. Patent leather shoes are believed to become one of the biggest fashion trend in 2010. However while you are wearing these type of shoes, you need to keep certain things in mind. As these shoes are usually bright, they need to be paired up with a more toned down dress. The best buy for patent leather shoes would be from Prada, Ed Hardy, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Brutini etc. 
Flip-Flops/ Thong Sandals
Although you would be able to wear the thong sandals or flip-flops only in the summer and spring, the flip-flop ensures you comfort and gives you a great casual appearance. If you are sucker for colors, then there is good news for you. Flip flops are touted as the epitome of style, trend and comfort. These flip-flops are versatile in nature and goes with almost any kind of dress. The best pick for these thong sandals would be from Rocket Dog, Cobian especially the Salvador, Tommy Bahama and Chaco etc.
Strappy Sandals
The absolute trendiest footwear this year is none other than strappy sandals. These sandals allow not only total comfort to your feet but also give you a million dollar “cool dude” appearance. So don’t look anywhere else and make the strappy sandals a must-have in your closet for the year. Get these in various colors and match it with jeans or Hawaiian Pants. The best buy for strappy sandals would be from Chaco, reef sandals from Leather Smoothy, from Kenneth Cole, Mark Nason etc.
Tennis Shoes
Tennis shoes give a travel like look to you and as travel is the theme with most fashion lines in the year 2010, tennis shoes are on boom again. It not only gives you a traveler look but also can be worn on almost any occasion. However, this year tennis shoes trend has come out with a twist. With bold colors and gloss, tennis shoes make an ideal companion for you both at work and at play. Pick from Puma, Nike, Adidas, and the likes to get the best deals for the year.

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