Time to set aside summer sandals and pick up a pair of new shoes from the latest fall 2010 collection! Browse through this article to find some hot shoe trends for fall 2010.

Fall 2010 Shoe Trends

Though the scorching and blistering summers have passed by, there is no time to take a breath of relief and relax. Instead, get started with the preparations for the chills, as the cold season is fast approaching. If apparels are the top priority for winters, shoes do not fall far behind. Just put on your summery sandals for that one last time and move out to get a pair of gorgeous shoes to match your autumn ensembles. The fall 2010 trend applies equally to all genders and ages and hence, the fall collection brings with it shoes for men, women and kids. The traditional suede over-the-knee boots, fur-lined booties and others are already taking the shelves of footwear stores. So, how about taking some unexpected approaches and trying out an all-together different fall fashion this year? Check out the best and hottest pair of fall 2010 shoes in the lines herein.
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Hot Shoes For Fall 2010
For Women
The hottest trends since a couple of years, boots that are available today are modified versions of footwear that resemble neither a sandal nor a boot. Nonetheless, the fall 2010 collection has brought back boots that are definitely very booty in appearance. Over-the-knee boots, lace-up boots, cut-out booties, buckle boots and fur boots are very in this season. Give them a sure-shot try!
Though clogs are meant to be a fall fashion, they started flooding the markets in the spring season as well. For a different and stylish look, look out for clogs with loads of embellishments and stones. This variant of footwear would surely make you stand out amongst the crowd, for good reasons though!
Loafers & Oxfords
These menswear-inspired shoes for women have been ruling the fashion circuit for some seasons now. But, this fall, stores are filled with ultra-masculine styles even when it comes to women loafers. So, we advise you to pick one that resembles a feminine side, lest you are in for a tomboy look. You can also try towering high heels for a comfortable walk.
For Men
Hiking Boots
Fall 2010 has brought with it a whole new range of shoes for men, one being hiking boots. Covering up till the ankle, these hot hiking boots have a rugged sole and are more stylish as compared to the traditional hiking boots. Though these are new entrants in the shoe market, their style, elegance, durability, and comfort sure has a long for these shoes to travel.
Dress Shoes
Whether formal or casual, men always require shoes for their attire. Fall 2010 offers a lot of new dress shoes for men, but with a higher shine. Rightly said, this season has men’s shoes which are shiny yet chic. However, be cautious not to get hold of those over glossy ones, lest they make your buy look cheap and discounted.
Work Shoes
Do not be mistaken by these work shoes to be the traditional, functional working shoes. That’s right, though these will resemble work shoes, they are but with a twist. Such shoes are fashionable, classy and stylish. You will have lots of motocross shoes and boots to choose from that are similar to work shoes.
For Children
The fall 2010 collection is religiously continuing the trend that started in the spring/summer 2010 collection, which is including lots of flowers and floral patterns. Be it boots, dress shoes or athletic shoes, you will find them beautified with flowers. As for dress shoes, you can expect heels, while for everyday shoes, rubber soles will be common to prevent slips and falls.
The sneakers are an all-time favorite and so will they be in fall 2010. However, you will find shoes in neon colors, for a change. Fisherman-styled shoes, or open sandal shoes, are very popular this season. While dress oxfords and loafers are gaining popularity amongst women, the boys are not left behind as they are offered penny loafers. 

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