Prom is one of the most important days for all girls. Go through the article to know the latest trends for prom dress 2010.

2010 Prom Dresses

Prom Night may be the most important night in a teenager’s life. Whether or not you are ending the high school, you must have dreamt about the night when you would look like Prince and Princesses and would formally enter into the category of adults. Although prom has always been a special part of a person’s life, it didn’t create much of a stir until some time back. Today the preparation for the prom starts right from when you enter the junior high. And not without good reason. Who wouldn’t want to look their best in one of their best nights? It is especially important for girls, as they have to make the fashion statement and dazzle people, more than the boys. So instead of leaving up to the end, start preparing in advance to be able to look your best. The most important preparation for prom for a girl is getting a prom dress. As a prom dress, can rightly make or break your night. It is easy to get a prom dress that matches your individual style and also go with the trend making you look like a fairy, all you need is some tricks. Below are given the latest trends of prom dresses for 2010. Browse through the following pointers and match your personal style with it. So what are you waiting for? Go on, explore for yourself, and get ready to hog all the attention and spread your magical spark.
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Prom Dress Trends 2010
Little Gold Dress (LGD)
Give your LBD a break, now is the turn of LGD that is the little gold dress. The little minis are back with bang and with a little twist. This year gold is the “in” color and if you have always been the one fascinated by gold, happy news for you. The classic little gold dress is the hottest trend this year and if you want to go to your prom dressed up in the newest trend, the best bet for you would be to go to prom decked up in your latest gold dress. However if you don’t fancy too much gold, but want to dress up in latest trend, you have the option of dark metallic colors. Moreover, as the gold color would be a popular choice for the whole of 2010, you will not have to fear it going out of fashion any time soon. The best pick for prom dresses 2010 would be from Proenza Schouler, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, D&G etc.
Bella Swan Inspired Prom Dress
Now who wouldn’t like to step into the shoes of Bella Swan? The pretty lass of the movie Twilight fulfilled such fantasy of luring the handsomest vampire one can imagine. Well even if you don’t have Edward Cullen as boyfriend, you can fulfill the fantasy of at least looking like Bella Swan. And who knows you might even get crowned prom queen! You could buy the exact copy of Bella Swan dress from black Diamond Bridal stores. However, if you want the same pattern but different colors you can make it customized from any tailoring shop. Go for chiffon and taffeta, as these are the “in” fabric for 2010. As the 2010 fashion trend is inspired mostly by nature, the colors which you can go for which are also “in” this season are rose pink, turquoise, sage green, lime and any other shades of yellow, lavender etc.
Strapless And Halter Dresses
If you have always wanted to look like a celebrity, it is time to fulfill your dreams. Although Hollywood has always inspired the runway fashion, this year around the trend is heavily inspired from the golden era of Hollywood and is very feminine and chic and you can easily wear it to your prom. While the last year was all about, off-shoulder dresses, this year has come with halter necked and strapless dresses. Strapless dresses help in accentuating your facial features and suits any type of body. Halter neck dresses are a salvation for the girls with plus size or with heavy upper. For a dramatic look, pair these dresses with gloves and pocketbook. You can wear gold or silver halter styled gown.
Tea-Length, Knee Length And Miniskirts
While the long flowing dress provides you a mature look, a short dress gives you a baby doll appearance. So if you dig a cute, sexy look you can go for a short length dresses which are in much vogue this year as compared to last year. You have different options too in short flirty dresses. You could go for tea-length, knee length, and even miniskirts. The best part about this year’s trend is that it caters to one and all’s taste. If you are among those who want to go for subtle and simple style, you have the option of chiffon in lavender, rose pink, lime and sage green. However, if you want to go for something different and don’t mind experimenting, you can go for bold figural prints and animal prints.
Dress Ruffles
One other trend, which saw the models walking on the ramp, was in the dresses with ruffles. Almost all the designers brought out their designs with ruffles. The best part about ruffles is that it can be worn in many ways and give you the desired results. If you want a chic and feminine look, all you need to do is to choose the ruffles in subtle colors and soft fabric. However, if you want a tough and dramatic look, you can pair the dress with leather boots and metallic jewelry. In addition, if you have small breasts, you can give an appearance of bigger busts by having the ruffles along the bust line. To give yourself a flirty look, wear the ruffles around your waist. Choose your style and emphasize it with ruffles.
Bubble Hem
It is a classic trend this year and if you want to give yourself a casual appearance, there would be no other option than bubble hem dress. It has been on runway in all the Autumn/Winter and Summer/Spring collection and fashion gurus predict that bubble hem will reign supreme in 2010. It can be worn as a dress or can be paired up with jeans. Wear it in floral pattern or wear it in plain white, ash, or lavender color.  Remember that dark colored dresses looks more expensive than the light colored ones.
Low Back And “X” Back Prom Dresses
If you have a bod to show off then you could also go for a red carpet look of low back or X-shaped back prom dresses. It will not only make you look like a celebrity but might even fetch you prom queen crown. These long flowing dresses in chiffon, georgette, or silk in yellow, strawberry, cherry red, floral prints etc will make a good option for a prom dress. Sequins, brooches etc make for good embellishment with the dress. 
Polka Dots Prom Dresses
Think of polka dotted dress as old-fashioned. Think again. The polka dotted dresses are a rage in this season. However, you need to be very careful while you are choosing a polka-dotted dresses. A little OTT(over the top) can make you look stupid instead of sexy. So unless you are very sure that you would manage to pull the dress off gracefully, don’t opt for polka dots prom dresses.
Mermaid Styled Prom Dresses
Wow! The Little Mermaid! Do you want to go to the prom looking like her, then opt for mermaid styled prom dresses. It would look very good if you have a long slender body. However if you don’t own a perfect body, don’t opt for this type of dress as it may accentuate your flaws.

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