Prom dress trends for 2009 will see short length and bright colors ruling the roost. Read on to explore more on prom dresses for 2009.

2009 Prom Dresses

This academic year is about to end and you are eagerly waiting for the prom night. There is so much to do before the special night, especially for the girls. They have to select their prom dress, choose matching shoes, buying the right accessories and decide on the makeup that would go with it. Amongst all these, the central figure is the prom dress, since almost everything else would revolve around it. Every year, the trends in prom dresses witness a change and the same holds true for 2009 as well. In the following lines, we have provided you information on the prom dress trends for 2009. While you should keep in mind these trends, remember to select such a dress that highlights your unique style and personality. It should also look good on you and be comfortable to wear.
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Prom Dress Trends 2009
The Length
The year 2009 is going to see long Cinderella look being totally 'overlooked'. Yes, you read that right! As far as prom dresses for 2009 are concerned, 'short' is the keyword for you. Bid adieu to all those ankle-length gowns and head for dresses in tea length, knee length and mini skirts. It is the time to let the guys drool over those long, slender legs of yours. Though 'the shorter, the better' is the mantra is 2009, you can go for dress of any length that you are comfortable in. Just make sure that it goes nowhere near your ankle and more towards your knees.  
The Design
2008 was all about sequins in dresses and that included the ones for proms too. However, the trend is not likely to continue into the coming year as well. Rather, the focus is more likely to be on beads. Even then, the variety in designs is almost endless. You can have them sprinkled them all over your dress, to create a glamorous impact or get them clustered at certain places, highlighting and accentuating specific parts of your body.
There is also a choice regarding the color of the beads you want, either of a shade complimenting the main color of your dress or in metallic hues. If you want to keep it simple, go for a prom dress in prints, wither floral or graphic ones. For short dresses, ruffles and bows will also work well as accents. The coming year is also expected to witness a comeback of the polka dots, along with wide sashes - in colors clashing with that of the dress and balloon style hemlines - which help you show of those 'curvylicious' legs.
The Colors
As far as prom dress colors in 2009 are concerned, subtlety has been totally overlooked. In other words, pastel shades are out. Rather, this year's prom look is all about glamour and borrows heavily from the 'Hollywood Premier' gowns. Punch colors are expected to rule the roost in the coming year. Your best bet will be go for a short, sexy dress in shades like sunset orange, citrus yellow and Popsicle pink. If looking so bright is not what you desire, then you can opt for intonations of brighter colors to your dress. 

Still not convinced with the whole talk of 'bright and vivacious' colors? Then, why don't you opt for white as the color of your prom dress. Get out of the notion that white is reserved for weddings only. A white dress looks extremely elegant and adds a touch of class to your overall appeal. It will also make you stand out from the crowd of the usual 'black' dresses that are so often seen on a prom night. Blue is another color that is being adopted by designers for their prom collection. Combine a blue dress with accessories in a contrasting color, making heads turn.

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