You may call it loud or even weird, but punk prom dresses allow you to let loose your imagination. Check out for some interesting punk style prom dress ideas for your upcoming party.

Punk Prom Dresses

Eccentric clothing always takes the center stage at a prom night. If you want to make a high point fashion statement, there is no better way you can achieve it than by dressing in the punk style. Punk prom dresses present a unique style in formal wear, which gives you such an appealing look that nobody passes by you without noticing. Just by a little disregard for combination and alteration, you can achieve a punk look that would be unique for the party you are attending. While sometimes, you may find a ‘punked’ dress at a store; it’s mostly the work of the wearer, who lets loose the wings of her imagination to create a design. You have a variety to choose from, when you look for the punk prom dresses. You can select from pageant gowns, hatler neckline, ball gowns, floral, pleated styles and the list goes on. You may have the simplest punk prom dress, but with the right choice of jewelries, shoes, accessories and hairstyles, you can set the stage on fire. These dresses can fit almost any occasion, it be a prom, holiday festivities, weddings or any other parties. Read on to find some of the interesting dress ideas using which you can create the perfect punk prom look for yourself!
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Punk Prom Dress Ideas
  • The fabric for a punk prom dress is generally something that has a shiny or silky outlook. Avoid cotton, sequined or beaded fabrics.
  • Though punk prom dress can be of any color you wish, there are certain classic colors in this regard. White, black and silver color punk prom dresses have always been the favorite among the ladies. However, you can try something new and make all the people turn to you, by going for the pink, silver and retro dresses.
  • Once you have the dress, you can punk it in various ways. You can sew a woolen checked cap sleeve to a long-sleeved shiny black dress. How about adding some lace to the bodice, with glue, or suspending a large billowing ribbon from the waistline!
  • Trims to the dress can include shiny silver chain belts, plastic bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
  • Jewelry for punk prom dresses will consist of leather collars and wristbands, chainmaille and unique body accessories. Do away with anything that is traditional, as it will totally mar the look of the dress.
  • Dye your hair to match the color of your dress. Add stripes if you do not desire to color your hair completely. You can also find a great new punk haircut to add to your punk look.
  • You can even go for wigs that are outrageously loud. Uncombed hair, piled or tied in a weird style, can be paired with strange accessories. 
  • Shoes are an important aspect of punk prom dressing. Whether you decide on stiletto heels or more comfortable, but less traditional shoes, do make sure that you deviate from the usual stuff that is worn by girls.

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