Punk hair styling is an unconventional yet trendy fashion form. Check out information on punk hairstyles and know how to make your hair punk.

How To Punk Hair

Punk is an unconventional, yet thriving fashion trend amongst youngsters. The fashion statement was introduced in late 1970s as a music genre. Soon, it became a rage and started including leather jackets, chains, ripped jeans and crazy hair under its purview. However, the most significant hallmark of Punk fashion is the hairstyle. With the passage of time, punk hairdo has taken new meaning, as a style and an attitude. People are trying innovative ideas and personalizing their look as per their own fashion appeal. Thus, there are many ways to look punk and make your hair punk. To know how to punk hair, read the ideas given below!
How to Get Punk Hair
  • To give your hair a punk look, one of the best ways is to dye them. You can choose unnatural hair colors like hot pink, blue, orange, black etc.
  • Unnatural bright colors are temporary in nature and do not change the innate color of the hair.
  • If your hair are dark colored, get them bleached before dying them, to make the color visible.
  • To keep the color and look intact, buy special shampoos and conditioners and maximize its longevity.
  • Choose a funky hair style to add to your look. Girls can go for short ear-length crop, a Mohawk or spiked-out hair. One can even add highlights to the hair for some more drama. Guys usually stick to Mohawks and spikes.
  • After this, style your hair with hair glue or hairspray for the specific look.
  • Maintaining your hair and look is of utmost importance or you will lose the charm of it all. Keep your neck shaved and your eyebrows groomed.
  • While applying color to your hair, make sure you visit a reputed hair saloon. If you wish to do it on your own, give yourself plenty of time for the same. The longer the hair color sits on your hair, the better the results. You can add some heat to speed up the process.
  • Make sure you condition your hair regularly, with a conditioner having UV protection. Conditioning is very essential if you are bleaching your hair or going for permanent coloring.

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