Find out how to use shoe stretchers to stretch shoes.

Shoe Stretchers

You have recently buy shoes but they don’t fit well in your legs. You can buy shoe stretchers to refit the shoes in your feet.
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What is Shoe Stretcher
Your legs don’t fit into your shoes. So you have to use shoe stretchers to stretch your shoes and make them fit for legs. Shoe stretchers are usually made of cedar or maple and are like an actual-sized foot. They have a steel bar running through the wooden foot which is divided into two halves. The wooden foot could be rotated apart by cranking the steel rod handle, and in the process enlarging the shoe.
When will Shoe Stretchers Work Best
Shoe stretchers work best for leather, and other natural materials. On vinyl shoes, Shoe stretchers don't work, because the material does not have good stretch. Shoe stretchers are good at stretching shoes which are close to the right size. If you want to stretch a size 7 shoe to size 9, you better buy a new shoe.
Variety of Shoe Stretchers
The shoe stretchers can stretch both the left and the right shoes. Different shoe stretchers are built for specific footwear like flats, high heels and boots. You should make sure you are buying the right shoe stretcher for your shoe. The shoe stretchers are usually available in men’s or women’s size ranges. Some shoe stretchers are designed to stretch different areas of the shoe. A two-way shoe stretcher will enlarge length and width; a vamp or instep stretcher will lift the particular part of the shoe that is on the top of your foot; and toe stretchers will take up the height of the toe box of the shoe.
Tips on Using Shoe Stretchers
For putting shoe stretchers to the best use, you need to use it with a shoe stretching liquid or spray. It will saturate the material the shoe is made of, and enable the shoe stretcher perform better. Put the shoe stretchers into the shoes and turn the knob to begin enlarging the shoe. You will have to leave the shoe stretcher there for at least 12 hours. Sometimes you could also need to leave the shoe stretcher in a shoe for a couple of days. You should also keep in mind the instructions given while you purchased the shoe.
Where to Buy
You could buy shoe strechers at the local shoe repair shop. You could also get them at the shoe store where you purchased the shoes.

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