In this article, we tell you the reasons for hair loss. Read on to find out the causes for hair breakage.

Causes Of Hair Breakage

If you are losing hair faster than you can imagine, it's time you did something about it. But, before you go about taking any medicine blindly, it is of utmost importance to find out the real reasons or causes behind the hair breakage and hair loss.
Answers to questions like why hair breaks or why are you losing hair so fast come in different forms from different, so called, experts. However, here, in this article we provide you with some real reasons behind hair breakage.
The main reasons of hair breakage can be categorized under the following:
Hereditary reasons - It is possible that your hair loss is hereditary. Hair loss can happen because of family ancestry. Aging can also be a major reason for hair breakage.
Hormonal imbalance - Hormonal imbalance can also result in hair breakage. Illness or some kind infectious disease can have an adverse effect on your hair as well. Apart from illness, something like nervous disorder can also result in hair breakage.
Testosterone - Hair loss in men is also related to the male hormone known as testosterone. You might think how is testosterone related to hair breakage? Actually, hair breakage can be directly related to lack of this important male hormone. Hair loss in men is directly proportionate to the amount of testosterone a man has. It is also related to a hormone known as DHT. Now, DHT is nothing but a hormone that is responsible for the thickness of hair.
Stress - Sudden, severe emotional stress can also result in hair breakage or hair loss. Some people also have a habit of twirling or biting their hair when under stress. This can cause hair loss or breakage.
Friction - Friction from tight hair bands, wigs or hats can sometimes cause hair to break. In infants, hair loss may occur as a rim along the back of the head due to friction from the pillow or sheet. These hairs that the infant loses are known as telogen hairs which are meant to be shed. Hence, this type of hair loss is harmless and temporary.
Skin disease - Skin diseases such as discoid lupus erythematosus, lichen planus and scleroderma may affect the scalp and cause hair breakage or even permanent hair loss.

However, apart from the above mentioned primary reasons, here is a list of the most common causes of hair breakage: 
  • Wearing scarf too tightly at night
  • Wearing too tight ponytails or buns
  • Split ends
  • Wool coats, hats, scarves
  • Using a relaxer that does not work quite well
  • Not caring for the new hair growth
  • Combing hair with a nylon bristle brush
  • Brushing hair when it's wet
  • Using combs that have seams in them
  • Sleeping without caring for your hair properly
  • Over styling your hair

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