In case you want to know how to do a quick weave, read the article given below. Given below is vital information on how to make a quick weave.

How To Do A Quick Weave

Weaving is the latest fashion trend, popular amongst many people nowadays. It not only gives your hair a new look, but also transforms your personality completely. Anybody can get their hair weaved, as it does not require any special condition to get it done. Your hair can be short or long, thick or thin and you can easily get them weaved. Moreover, the weaving process is so easy that you can even do it at home as well, by yourself. All you need to know is how to make a quick weave. To help you in the same, given below are some easy steps. Read on and know how to do a quick weave.
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How To Make A Quick Weave
Simple Quick Weave 
  • First of all, you need to thoroughly wash your hair and condition it. This would ensure a good and quick weave. Dirty hair gets sticky and does not allow for a good hairstyle.
  • Now that you have washed and conditioned you hair, it is time to make a bun from it. Soak your hair in setting lotion, put it in a ponytail in the back and fold it into a bun. Make sure you style your hair with the setting lotion in such a way that it is as flat as possible.
  • Next, start from the back. Take a weave and measure the track from one ear to another, at the back of your head.
  • Cut the track and glue. Repeat the same process in the front of your hair, measuring the track from ear to ear.
  • Follow a circular pattern with the weave and glue. Cut the length of the pieces in accordance with the place they are supposed to be put.
  • Once you become comfortable with the technique, you can cover your complete head with the whole track, applying glue.
  • As you reach the summit, you will need to make a closure piece. For the closure piece, take a 2 inch piece of track and apply glue.
  • Roll your hair up with glue and let it dry. Hold the track upside down and spread weave. 
Quick Weave With A Bang 
  • The first step would be to braid your hair into cornrows, to create the flattest surface.
  • Now, put the nylon cap on the head. This is mainly done to ensure that the wig cap prevents the hair from being damaged by the bond glue.
  • Using the weft of hair extension, measure the length from the edge of one eyebrow to the edge of the other eyebrow.
  • Once this is done, cut the extension hair weft. This is going to be used as your bangs.
  • Using the hair extension, apply weave bond glue to the threaded track. In the place you measured to cut the track, place the track down, pressing firmly to bond glue to the wig cap.
  • While the cool setting can be dried using a blow dryer, use blow air over the glued track to help set and dry the glue.
  • Apply one or two more hair extensions to the bangs. At the time of placing the hair extension, make sure that there is not more than 1 inch of space in between the two. Now, clip the finished bang out of the way.
  • Starting from the nape of the head, measure, cut and apply the rest of the hair extensions. Make sure that the hair extensions are glued horizontally.
  • It is advisable to start from the bottom and work your way towards the front, creating a U shape.  
  • There would be a circular space at the top of the head, between your bang hair extension tracks and the rest of the hair extension tracks. Do not fret and leave this space open. This is where your closure piece is going to be attached.
  • Now, apply the weave bond glue to the lace tracking of your closure piece of hair. Next, press the closure down into the space left open at the top of your head.
  • Wait for sometime, as the glue dries. Eventually, you will note that the closure piece has ripped right from the center and has fallen to both the sides of your head, covering all other hair extension tracks.
  • Now, all you need to do is cut the bangs to the desired length and style your quick weave.

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