Easy and quick hairstyles can be both fun and stylish and your savior for the day. Read on to know a few quick and easy hairdos and get ready in no time to sport a ravishing you.

Easy Quick Hairstyles

Had a Sunday night bash and got up terribly late in the morning, with barely any time to get dressed for college or work? Or did your long list of homework consumed all your time in the morning, leaving you only enough time to take a shower, shape up your hair quickly and rush to catch the school bus? If this predicament sounds a lot similar, what is it that you do to clean the mess? Portray a “Care a damn” attitude and set off with the frizz and knots and look like a gawk or get set go with a smart quick fix hairstyle that can make you look both stylish and pretty? Here is a bunch of easy to style quick hairdo options that you can try on when you find yourself in a serious time crunch.
Easy Quick Hairdos
Messy Bun
This easy-to-style hairdo takes just about two minutes and you’re ready to shoot off to work. Although mostly prevalent amongst young college going girls, this hairdo can be styled by almost every age group. All you have to do is to gather your hair on top of your nape and tie it up with an elastic grip around 2-3 times. Now set the bun with a few hairpins, pull out few tendrils to give it a softer look and finally use a hair spray.
Front Hair Poof
If those bangs just won’t agree to settle, try this hairstyle which would miraculously hide them and make you look chic too. First separate the section of your hair from temple to temple. Brush it with a fine-toothed comb and secure it behind with hair pins making an X shape. This hairstyle suits superbly on medium length straight hair.
This hairdo will give you a naturally wavy, flipped or rippled look with no frizz and the best part is within 10 minutes, you would have a hairstyle that will stay all day long. First condition your hair properly and pat it dry with a towel. Then, comb it thoroughly and use an anti-frizz serum to get rid of tangles and frizz. Now, apply gel, mousse or hairspray while the hair is still damp. Grab a chunk of your hair and squeeze it. Now crinkle it by pushing it up towards your head. The process has to be repeated with all your hair. Continue with the grabbing, squeezing and crinkling until the hair dries. You are all set to flaunt your scrunch hair now.
Are you getting late for your tutorials? Forget the shower, grab a quick glass of milk and get yourself a comb and a hair clip with teeth. Brush your hair up into a sleek ponytail and tie it up neatly with an elastic grip. Now grab your ponytail and twist it. Pull it up to the back of your head, and fix it on the crown with the hair clip. The ends of the ponytail should hang down. This hairstyle looks really cute and is best suited for those heading for the gym or morning classes.
This is not a hairstyle per-se but it is a suggested remedial measure for days when your hair is just impossible to manage. It is for those times when your Monday morning blues is coupled with bad hair, leaving you distressed and anxious. A colorful bandanna or scarf to match up with your dress can prove to be a savior. Cover up your tangled locks and call it a look. Set your hair with hair pins, add some flashy earrings and you’re ready for the day.

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