Olive oil is an effective ingredient for hair treatment. Explore the article to learn more on quick hair treatments with olive oil.

Quick Olive Oil Hair Treatment

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The vagaries of a fast-paced life and pollution are apparent in today’s youngsters, many of whom can be seen with a receding hairline. The luxurious growth of hair is being replaced by a balding scalp or unhealthy hair. Looking at the heavy mane of some blessed people, a tinge of jealousy hits us, as we rub our rapidly diminishing pate. A hairless head looks good on some people, but for others, the situation is desperate enough to pull the hair, if there is any left. How many times have we rushed to the store, after watching a beautiful actor endorsing a hair treatment product, with dreams of flowing hair in mind? And all too soon to be disappointed again. Sometimes, looking at the hair falling down in torrents, we never realize that maintaining healthy hair is right within our grasp. Without any costly treatment, but with the right home remedies, we can bring back the shine, glow, and health of our hair once again. And the best answer for effective hair treatment is olive oil. Not only is the oil excellent for the body and heart, it is also very good for hair growth and health. Regular olive oil treatment increases the overall health of the hair and significantly reduces the hair fall as well. So, if you are one of those afflicted with bad hair, read the article and know some quick olive oil hair treatments.
Quick Hair Treatment With Olive Oil
Olive Oil As Conditioner
Olive oil can be effectively used as a conditioner for dry hair and also as an effective treatment for damaged hair. It provides the hair with the much needed nourishment.
  • Mix a few drops of lemon juice in half a cup of olive oil and then apply it on the hair and scalp after shampooing. After 5 minutes, rinse it off.
  • Mix half a quarter of spring water with a quarter of olive oil and then massage into the hair. Cover your head and leave for 25 minutes. Wash off with water.
Olive Oil To Treat Dandruff
Olive oil hair treatment is an excellent way to treat dandruff.
  • Massage the scalp gently with extra virgin olive oil, before going to sleep. Leave overnight and rinse off with a shampoo in the morning. Use this treatment for at least a week, for better results.
Olive Oil To Treat Head Lice
Head lice can be quite difficult to eliminate and even keeps recurring frequently. However, olive oil has always shown good results in this regard.
  • Apply olive oil on the scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. Shampoo the hair thoroughly to remove the oil. For greater effect, reapply the olive oil the next day.
Olive Oil To Treat Hair Loss
Regular use of olive oil can significantly reduce the problem of hair loss.
  • Making olive oil a part of your diet has been known to bring out the best results.
  • Massage your scalp with olive oil every night, before going to bed. Put on a head cover. Wash the hair with shampoo in the morning.
Other Olive Oil Treatment
  • Put half a cup of olive oil in a sauce pan and add half a cup of dried rosemary leaves. Heat it on a low flame, while stirring continuously. Remove from heat and strain the leaves from the oil. Now, apply this oil, when warm, on your scalp and hair. Tie a headdress to retain the heat and leave for 15 minutes. Wash thoroughly with shampoo and water. 

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