Dying your hair quickly is a fairly easy and simple task. Check out the tips enlisted below and know how to dye your hair quick.

How To Dye Your Hair Quick

Using hair dye is a quick and trendy way to get rid of those unwanted grey hair and also give an altogether different look to your hairstyle. Whether it is highlights that attract you or a complete color change that has you wooed, you can get the desired effect within a few minutes. Selecting the right shade is important and you need to go for a hue that compliments your natural hair color. Prior to dye application, it is also vital that you go for a skin sensitivity test & check your response to the color. Many people get severe allergic reactions if a dye comes in contact with their skin, so it is better to be on the safer side. The most common body parts used to perform this skin sensitivity test are the outer border of the ear and the skin along the dorsal side of the hand. It is also important to go for a renowned cosmetic company, while choosing the hair dye, although it might cost you a wee bit more than the other ones. Some very popular cosmetic brands are Revlon, L’Oreal and Garnier. While most people prefer to approach a cosmetic parlor for the purpose of coloring or highlighting their hair, you can easily achieve the ‘parlor effect’ by following some simple steps at your home. Read on to explore tips on how to dye your hair quick and get the perfect look.
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Dying Your Hair Quickly
  • Proper cleaning and conditioning of the hair is very important before applying the hair dye. Dyes come in different ranges and shades and it is vital that you choose the right shade for your hair. It should be something that blends with your natural hair color and at the same, helps you get that perfect shade that highlights your overall looks.
  • Once the hair has dried completely, make small sections or partitions of the same. Put the gloves on and twist off the applicator tip of the developer bottle. Mix all the ingredients and pour in the contents of the fruit oil concentrate into the development bottle.
  • Shake well and mix all the ingredients properly. After this, snap off the top tip of the bottle carefully. Don’t make an extra large cut at the tip.
  • Apply the dye evenly over the sections of hair and mould the hair sections in silver paper foils. The dye should be applied in such a manner that it covers the entire hair length, down till the roots. You can start the process by taking segments from the upper section of the scalp and then proceeding till the lower portions.
  • While applying the hair dye, make sure that you apply color on the front as well as the underside or the back of the head.
  • Use extreme caution while applying the hair color, such that it does not get into your eyes. If it does, immediately wash your eyes with water. If you suffer from any serious kind of eye irritation, visit a doctor right away.
  • If the dye gets on your skin, you can make use of peroxide and water to get rid of the stains.
  • Leave the dye on your hair for a period of about 20 to 30 minutes or as prescribed in the hair dye cover.
  • Remove the silver foils and wash your hair thoroughly, using plain water. Almost all the hair dyes come with a conditioner. Once the hair has been washed properly, apply the conditioner and wash off your hair as instructed. Allow the hair to dry completely and see the results yourself.

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