Start your environment crusade by going green with organic makeup. Browse through this article to know all about eco-friendly cosmetics and makeup.

Going Green With Organic Makeup

If you see your neighbor building an eco-friendly house and your buddy going on a green diet, don’t think that they are just following a fad or trying to be cool. There was a time was when going green depended upon the foresight of an individual and also upon his or her choice. But now, with everyone going green (not with jealousy, that is), it is time that those who are left behind too jump into the bandwagon. It is not only a question of choice, but of ethics. Going green imeans to go back to nature, not as a raving, wild madman, but in a state of balance. A way of life that is in complete harmony with nature will, to some an extent, minimize our mad scurrying in everyday life. And what a better way to start going green, than to start with your very own makeup. Even if you keep the environmental considerations aside, eco-friendly cosmetics are the best option for your body. Commercial products contain chemicals and compounds that, directly or indirectly, cause harm to your skin. On the other hand, organic makeup is free from such side effects. Another benefit is that you can easily make such makeup at home, from things that are available in your kitchen and that too, without any high expense. So, if you are on the path of going green in beauty, read lines that follow and learn more about organic makeup.
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Eco-friendly Cosmetics & Makeup
Eco-friendly or organic mascara is made of algae extract and is rich in vitamin B5, nettle and horsetail, which is very good for the growth and development of the eyelashes. The algae extract makes the mascara stick to your lashes the whole day and it is also very easy to remove with soap and water.
Lip Gloss
An organic lip gloss has the capability to last the whole day. It is also very shiny and creamy. The main ingredients used in the manufacture of organic lip glosses are bee wax, apricot kernel oil and mango butter. It retains the moisture in the lips for a whole day and thus, proves very good for dry lips.
Eco-friendly foundation is very healthy for the skin and helps in creating a flawless look. Liquid organic foundations are quite effective in hiding blemishes, redness and discoloration of the skin. The main ingredients in such a foundation are macadamia oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, rose wax, and Shea butter. To add smoothness to it, the foundation is also touched with marsh mallow and carrot extracts.
An organic cream is used to give shine to the lips and cheeks. Because of its organic nature it blends with almost any and every skin type, without causing any side effects. Such a cream is usually made up of rose wax, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and chamomile. And it is also very good for the overall health of the skin.
Eco-friendly eyeliner is mainly composed of black tea leaf extract, anthyllis, and witch hazel. It is healthy and safe as well, especially considering the sensitivity of the eye area, which it is used to highlight as well as brighten.

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