Wondering how to perm your hair? Read this article to get tips about what to do and what not to in order to get yourself a mesmerizing hair perm style.

Hair Perm

Though hair perming isn’t exactly a rage now like they were in fashion freaks in the 80s, but one definitely sees a great more style in hair perms these days. For example, it can range from perms that simply add body into fine, limp hair to the loose mesmerizing waves and the tight corkscrew curls. Getting your hairs permed can be a risky business especially when you are totally clueless on this topic. In simpler words, just imagine your head full of tight wild ringlets that does not suit your personality at all?
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It’s not just about getting the wrong hairstyle, the problem magnifies by several folds when you know that the particular permed hairstyle will remain with you at least for the next few months! So who really is the best candidate for perm hair? How to perm your hair? How long does a permed hairstyle stay on and how do you prevent getting a style that does not suit you at all? Incase you are planning to get your self a permed hairstyle, then these are some questions you need clear answers to before you set out on your mission.     
Here are a few facts or tips about hair perming. First, it will not work on hair that has already been colored. Second, the thicker your hair, the better perm it will take. Third, the styling will stay on from two or more months depending upon the length of your hair, texture and the kind of perm you will opt for. And finally, always consult your perm hairstyle with the specialist telling him or her explicitly about the kind of perm you want or don’t want! Carry a photograph of the hair perm style to avoid confusion.

Permed hairstyle will take about 28 hours to settle. So relax and avoid getting too anxious about the final effect once done. How tight your hair curls will be shall depend a lot on the size of the curling rod your hair specialist will employ. So you can politely ask your stylist to show you the types of rods he / she will be using. You can also prepare for your hair perming session at home by using a moisturizing conditioner after you shampoo. However, refrain from deep-conditioning your hair for at least a day prior going for the perm or else you hair will simply refuse to take the perm.

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