If you are searching for best hairstyles for fine and thin hair, your search ends here. Check out how to style thin hair.

How To Style Thin Hair

The pollution in the environment and use of strong chemical products on the head often leads to hair loss. People with thin hair are seen to be sulking, when it comes to styling and trying on different hairstyles. Though a professional hair stylist may spruce up your look by giving you a new hairstyle, it seems to wear off in a couple of hair washes. There is nothing to get disappointed if you are suffering from the same problem. Here, we bring you some helpful tips, which will help you to grow more hair within no time. We will also provide you with some typical hairstyles that will conceal the thinness of your hair and make you appear more attractive. Read on to know the magic mantras and get the transformation in your personality!
Hair Styles For Thin Hair 
  • Go in for haircuts that have layers, like step-cuts or a layered razor cut. Keep the hair length till the shoulders. The longer the hair length, thinner will be its look.
  • If you have very thin hair, it is advisable to keep it short. Short, proportioned haircut looks neater and fashionable than the long but thin strip of hair. Short hair cut will also divert the attention of people from the hair loss and make them appreciate your style.
  • Try a hair color that can make your hair look thick. Go in for soft streaks, more in the front so that they add volume to your hair. Ask your hair stylist which color would suit you the best. Avoid extremely light blonde, as it exposes the scalp. On the other hand, too dark a color brings out contrast noticeably. So, go for the medium tinge.
  • Never frost or highlight the ends, as this will eventually draw the attention of people towards the sparse area on your head. As much as possible, use natural, medium auburn or brown color, as they help in creating uniformity all over the hair.
  • Add wave to your hair, by opting for perms. In this, a chemical is applied to your hair, which makes it fizzy and curly, thus increasing its volume. This kind of perm lasts for 6 months to a year, depending on how you maintain it.
  • Men can shave their head completely, if there is uncontrollable hair loss. Shaved head looks much better than the bald-head. Remember how great the celebrities Vin Diesel and Bruce Williams and look with their shaved head!
  • Right styling products are a compulsory factor in making your hair look thick. Avoid gels, as they have a tendency to bind thin hair together and thus, make the scalp more prominently visible.
  • Go for proper hair treatment, which will help you grow more hair. Consult your physician and take the treatment accordingly. 
Some Tips                                                                                                                                    
  • Shampoo your hair gently in lukewarm water. Massage your scalp with your fingertips in circular motion, one area at a time, to improve blood circulation. This will result in increased hair growth.
  • After washing, apply a little conditioner at the hair ends; do not massage it on your scalp as it may result in further hair loss.
  • Check out styling products like serums and oils that assure to retain moisture. You can also go in for root lifters that provide volume to your hair.
  • When blow drying, just dry your hair gently with a towel first. Set the dryer to the mildest heat setting and expose it to your hair. Do not comb through wet hair, as it results in increased hair breakage.

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