There are varied embroidery designs in the market to woo you. For an update on the Indian hand embroidered patterns, read on.

Indian Embroidery Designs

Embroidery has been a way of embellishment since long. It is basically a method of beautifully representing objects on fabrics, to make them look appealing. It involves usage of different colors, threads, stitches and other items. All these are employed to make alluring designs and patterns. Initially, the art of embroidery was essentially carried out by hand. However, with increasing demand, machine embroidery has become inevitable. With the help of the latest technology, embroidery industry has gone through a revolution, offering a wide variety to the consumers. Indian markets are packed with such embroidery designs that will work wonders to enhance your beauty and persona. To know more about Indian embroidery designs, read on.
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Religious Designs
Without any surprise, religious designs are quite popular in the market. This attributes to the fact that religion forms a significant aspect of the lives of Indian people. A cloth with religious embroidery is considered auspicious and is also put to use in pious activities. Some of the famous religious embroidery designs are Karnataka's Kasuti embroidery, Orissa's appliqué embroidery and mirror work, Chambal Rumal, Pahari miniature painting representation, Chikan kari and Punjabi Phulkari also belong to this category. Its application can be seen in wall hangings, clothing, fashion accessories, bags, fashion jewelry, etc.
Floral Designs
Nature has always been a great inspiration, especially for the ones belonging to the art and culture domain. This affirms the fact that floral designs are an all time hit in embroidery. Evergreen as ever, they never cease to be in fashion and look good on everybody. Floral design embroidery can be found in Phulkari of Punjab, Kashmiri Kashida - a depiction of Himalayan flora, Kantha of Gujarat and ethnic Chikan Kari of Lucknow. Floral designs are highly applied to bed linen, home furnishing, clothing, wall hangings, bags, fashion jewelry, etc.
Appliqué Designs
Appliqué embroidery designs originated, in Egypt, in 980 BC. It is a popular embroidery technique, wherein pieces of different fabrics are sewn on to a base fabric via inlaying or outlaying, to form appealing designs. It is essentially of two kinds, namely Hand Appliqué and Machine Appliqué. The former is done by hand using different stitches, while the latter is one using sewing machine. It is done on clothing, quilts, curtains, wall hangings, cushions, bags, etc.
Beaded Designs
Beaded designs are an extension in the field of embellishing garments and clothes. With increasing fashion sense amongst people, it has become a necessity to look good. This has made precious and semi precious stones and glass beads embroidery very popular in India and abroad. Beaded embroidery from Gujarat and Rajasthan is very famous. It uses glass beads, wooden beads, metallic beads, plastic beads, etc. Moreover, it is done on garments, bags, footwear, fashion jewelry, household items, hats, handicrafts etc.
Patchwork Designs

Patchwork is another hot property in the market. It is the best method to recycle worn clothing into quilts. It involves sewing together small pieces of fabrics, to form a larger pattern. It is primarily done by hand, but on mass production, sewing machines are used. It gives the item a distinct look. The type of patchwork includes Stained glass window patchwork, Cathedral window patchwork, Somerset patchwork, Trapunto (Stuffed or Puff patchwork) and Crazy quilting. Patchwork finds application on bags, wall hangings, clothing, quilts, etc.

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