Painting on denim is fun and serves as the best way to sport your 'style quotient'. Check out some interesting ideas for the designs you can paint on your jeans.

Designs To Paint On Jeans

Painting designs on jeans is the latest fashion funda, which has caught up with everyone. The trend is funky and gives a lot of scope to people to use their creativity and ingenuity. Painting designs on jeans is a great way to personalize it. There are some who like bold paints, while there are others who prefer having softer look for their jeans. Painting denim can be a fun way to make your style statement.  Youngsters love to wear denims, and painted jeans are a great way to sport their love for creativity and colors. Check out some interesting ideas for the designs you can paint on your jeans.
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Designs To Paint On Jeans 
  • You can opt to paint your jeans using paints directly from the tube or the bottle. These will give the jeans a bold look, as the paints will be thick when they are squeezed from the tube. In case you directly use a bottle, the paint will come out in thick lines on the jeans, in turn giving dimension to your denim.
  • You can even paint the jeans with paint brushes. Put some paint on a pallet and use a brush to create your design. Painting jeans with a brush gives them a softer and a delicate look. Remember, while painting, you would require both thin and thick brushes. While thin brushes will give a definite outlining to the design, thick brushes would ease filling the spaces.
  • Stencils are also a good option you can use, to design your jeans. Various styles of stencils are available in the market. Though they might be a costly option, you can still try them on for giving a different look to your jeans.
  • Sometimes, magazines and designing books present us with great designs. You can paint the paper design and then transfer it to your jeans, by pressing it on. Remember that this would produce a mirror image of the original design.
  • You can also cut a design from the magazine and use a marker to outline or sketch the design on the denim. Carbon papers can also be used. Once the designs are outlined, paint them using paint brush.

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