Tired of spending long hours trying to brush and style your hair? Read on to learn how to thin your hair and try out new and trendy hairstyles.

How To Thin Your Hair

Thick and long hair is what most people yearn for. You might have seen people using different types of lotions, hair gels, hair styling products and certain home solutions to make their hair grow long and gain volume. However, it gets challenging and difficult at times for people to maintain and take care of long and thick hair. Therefore, most people today opt for thinner and sleeker looking tresses. Thick hair is difficult to manage and it might even get difficult to have the desired twist you want for your hair. On the other hand thinner hairstyles are not only easy to manage, but also makes one look trendy and cool. With busy lifestyles, it is difficult for most people to sit for long hours brushing and removing knots and styling hair. This article provides you with few essential tips on thinning your hair that will allow you to reduce the wavy structure of your mane. Read on to learn more.

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Thinning Your Hair

Thinning Shears
Thinning shears can be used to thin down the thickness of your hair if you have some experience in trying haircuts yourself at home. Wash your hair with a shampoo and then dry it using a dryer. Once the hair is dry, brush it and comb and fashion it the same way you do every day. Now divide your hair and secure the thick section of your hair with the help of hair clips. Take one section of the thick hair and place the shear halfway down from the scalp. Now clip down on the section using the shears and then release it from the hair clip. It is advisable to comb this section of your thinned out hair before moving to the other section. People with curly and wavy hair need to apply a lot of hair cream and then straighten their hair using a flat iron.

Razor Cut
Split ends and overgrown hair also makes your hair look thick and untidy. You can opt for a razor cut hairstyle in order to get rid of split ends and get a new, trendy hair makeover. However, if you are apprehensive about losing the length of your hair due to the razor cut, ask your hair stylist to give you layers. Ask the stylist to use a razor after the layer haircut which will help in removing bulk hair making it look sleeker. 

Using Flat Irons
Using flat irons is one of the simplest ways to make your hair look sleek and thin. You will have to wet your hair slightly using a water spray nozzle bottle and then apply enough hair cream and serum on the damp hair. Once you have applied the hair cream, divide your hair into various sections and run the flat iron carefully through each section to straighten your hair. The straightened hair will give you a thinner and more manageable hair than before.

Hair Care Products
There are a number of hair care products available in the market that will help you give a thinner and sleeker look to your hair. Skinny shampoos and conditioners can be used while washing your hair. Using these will help reduce the volume of your hair. Hair relaxer kits can be used for very puffy and dry hair; this technique also works well for curly and frizzy hair. 

Using Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise is the safest and the simplest way to make flat, sleek and thin hair look natural. If the idea of going for a hair cut or making use of hair products does not convince you, then applying a thick coat of mayonnaise to your hair every day for a period of 1 week will give you the desired results. Let the mayonnaise sit on your hair for 2 hours before washing it out completely. Mayonnaise helps in reducing hair volume making it more manageable and sleeker than before.

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