Go Unconventional! Go Bizarre! It’s your hair, after all! Here are some funky hair colour ideas which you might want to take a quick peek at!

Funky Hair Colors

We seek variety in clothes, food, people and the list goes on. A new fad that has been rapidly gaining momentum in that list is funky hairstyles. And along with funky hairstyle trends comes funky hair colours. So you might not be too keen on getting a mo-hawk. So what? You could still get noticed if you walk around with an electric blue mane on your scalp! Furthermore it gets better and better. The range of colours is mystifying! Some like it pink, some like it dark purple! Some fancy streaks of both. Rebellions and wild freaks of nature are constantly scouting for new ways to stand out amongst the flock of sheep saturating earth. A drastic change in hair colour can transform the reflection of a person’s true personality. The right colour ideas can accentuate one’s style and even liven up the monotony of routine life. Funky hair colours attract attention of all kinds and are outrageous on so many levels. Rob a few funky hair colours and steal the spotlight on the streets till the dye begins to fade.

Funky Hair Color Ideas

Funky Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes
If you happen to be brunette, shades of electric blue, bright or deep purple, dark green, bright red and shocking pink are an ideal match. These shades may materialize in the form of highlights. You could experiment with random combinations like electric blue with bright pink or funky fluorescent green and dark purple! To use pink and red, just have the tips of your hair coloured in those shades. If you have short hair, it is advisable to have only your bangs coloured with these striking colour combinations. Patches of dyed hair and funky hair extensions coloured magenta or orange will undoubtedly look super cool, if you can pull it off well!

Funky Hair Color Ideas For Blondes
Since blonde hair is lighter, funky hair shades are obviously more noticeable. Lime green is a colour that should not be missed and makes for brilliant highlights accompanied with light blue or fuchsia streaks. A blondie can try out the same palette of colours used by the brunettes and the funk is no less! Dyeing the top half length shocking pink and the lower half in a really light lemon shade looks adorable on many. Stick to the lighter shades and avoid the deeper shades.

Semi-Permanent Colors
Semi-permanent colours are superb options when you’re not 100 % certain about sticking to one colour, but do want to try. Quasi-tint contains ethanolamine and 3% blanch which slightly opens the cuticle. Hence whether you paint your hair green or pink, it will last up to 20 washes and gently wilts as you rinse. Semi-permanent vegetable colors contain vegetable extracts and inherent ingredients ensuring that no characteristic is stripped from you lovely locks. Although it is an equivalent to henna, it only adds shine but doesn’t coat the beard.

Red, Black Or Brown?
Red is undeniably a sexy shade and exudes lot of ‘ooomph’. Moreover, hair holds onto red-toned pigments really well. If you are looking for something more natural and dark, brown is the safest bet. From chocolate brown and effigy shades to honey chestnut, these combinations offer terrific shine and character to your wool. While black is ideal for carrying out the sassy goth look, it is the easiest colour to achieve as the molecules in black tints are larger and pass through tresses with least of hassles.

Funky Hair Color Ideas For Dramatic Bangs
If drama is indeed your middle name, this bold and stylish colour combination maybe suit you best! Subtle and rich hair lowlights are appealing but what attracts instant attention to your eyes and facial structure is the face-framing colours. Now go ahead and get those dramatic bangs painted! While red hair highlights are exciting and energetic, bold and spicy two tone hair colors often make vibrant and classy statements.

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