2011 would definitely be a year for trying out various funky colors. Browse through this article to discover 2011 hair color trends.

Hair Colors 2011

The year 2011 has a lot in store for you in terms of colors. The quickest and most dramatic way to change your look is by coloring your fleece in various colors that suit your style and persona. Coloring hair has become a common tradition just like moving out and buying new attire of clothes or getting a haircut done. As such, every year brings with it a new array of colors and shades to choose from, to portray a different character. Come 2011 and you will get to see a lot of warm shades, such as deep reds, rich browns, and elegant blondes. Also, for those hot and bold personalities, there are loads of vibrant colors as well, like purple, blue, pink, red and green. But, make sure that your chosen shade matches your skin tone and eye color perfectly. Check out the different 2011 hair color trends to get ideas and inspiration for your new hair color.
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2011 Hair Color Trends
Vegetable Colors
Vegetable colors consist of pure and natural vegetable extracts only. Though similar to henna, these colors are made from different components and materials. However, these colors never provide a permanent effect. Since funky colors are in, vegetable colors will be high in demand. However, these colors would be temporary in nature, as they tend to fade away with prolonged usage of shampoos and conditioners.
Skin Tones
Skin tones are a must try, as they perfectly complement any skin type. In case your skin tone is light, a dark hairstyle will definitely not suit you. Similarly, a dark skin tone will not readily flaunt a lighter shade. As for tanned skin, you can try out chestnut or honey tones. Before you color your hair in any particular shade, always check whether it suits your skin tone or not.
Red Tones
The most requested and demanded hair color of 2010, red is back in 2011 as well. The red color easily maintains the trendy look of any type of hair. To add on, this color is regarded to be the sexist shade as it attracts attention and influences one instantly.
Black Tones
Undoubtedly, black is the easiest and simplest color to show off since its molecules are larger than other shades. The color sticks to the hair easily and for a longer duration. Further, it reflects an enigmatic and mysterious look on a face which is considered to be very appealing and inviting by most people.
Blonde Tones
Blonde is an attractive shade, but not that easy to apply to your hair, especially when you have already colored your mane in a different shade previously. To reveal blonde color effects, it is best to go for very light blonde tones because the harsh rays of the sun will make the color to fade out quickly. Alternately, you can start off with darker shade and then proceed towards lighter shade.
Brown Tones
Brunette is an all-time favorite as it suits almost anyone in the town. Trying out different shades of brown can give you a whole new scale of looks. Right from chocolate brown to effigy honey to gloom blonde, there are various shades of brown that you can flaunt. Further, for that incredible shine, color your hair in different combinations of natural brown tones.

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