Looking for some trendy and flamboyant swimsuits fashion styles to flaunt in 2011? Take a sneak peek into this article and find some of the hottest 2011 swimwear trends.

2011 Swimwear Trends

With many designers creating their new collections and debuting them constantly, it is bound to be overwhelming for you to decipher the latest styles and trends in the market. Now that you are already planning to buy that unique and new piece of swimwear for 2011, it becomes important for you to know what’s in and what's out in the coming season. You will get to see all styles flooding stores, right from bandeaus to triangle and halter tops to monokinis to luxury one-pieces, which means that there is something for every girl out there to flaunt her curves and body. 2011 is, indeed, going to be a colorful season as the palettes would be vibrant hues, diverse geometric patterns and incredibly feminine designs. The vivacious effects are sure to turn heads next season and make them go gaga over your treasured possession. Discover the different swimsuits fashion styles that will be soon approaching 2011 and splash into the blue waters while enjoying the tropical weather.
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2011 Swimsuits Fashion Styles
Color Trends
2011 promises you a colorful year as you have lots of color shades to flaunt on your sexy figure. Though you can pick up a trendy and elegant beachwear in any of your favorite colors, blue green, orange, and shades of brown would be in definitely in and more popular. And if that’s not all, blend green hues with turquoise and light skies to look your best in the coming year. To add that extra bling on your body, step into the color gold and see how those heads turn to steal a look of you at the beach or poolside.
Instead of opting for full plain colors, give more attractiveness and sophistication by picking up prints that are well complemented with pure shades. How about a large, single print placed at one side or corner of your swimsuit, say like at your waist side. This will enhance the feel of your waist, bringing it into the limelight. To balance it further, you will find plain tops with eye-catching prints at your cleavage. This will proportionate the entire swimwear making you startle amidst the crowd. Pick up something that suits your figure and get ready for a perfect summer!
You just do not require a piece of swimwear to jump into the water and fight off those extra kilos. Time to give a sexy pose apart from just soaking yourself in the pristine water at the seaside or in the pool! That’s exactly what 2011 offers you. A stylish one-shoulder swimsuit is one piece that should find itself a place in your wardrobe. Subtle, sexy, and sophisticated, you have the option of sporting a one-shoulder monokini or bikini with deep cuts or slight peeping of flesh here and there. Look seductive in those sexy cuts!
Flirty Ruffles
Ruffles here, ruffles there, ruffles are ruling everywhere! Whether tiny or demure, ruffles will be at the neckline, down the middle of a one-piece, along the bottom of tankini top, covering the entire brief bikini top, or tiered with several layers on the bottom. Just grab a piece that has ruffles on either of the sides and you are good to head the beach in a stylish avatar!
Surprisingly, denim is turning many heads as it has managed to take a different route from the popular jeans’ line. Find varied denim swimwear in 2011 from one-pieces to bikini styles, such as corsets and vests. Do not forget to experiment with boy shorts, studded denim, and halter tops, all in denim base. 
Sexy Cutouts
Cutouts will be one trend that most women would be looking forward to. Whether you have petite or heavy busts and bottoms, there is a cutout swimwear for all. While one-piece suits will have cuts along the waist, thighs, hips and upper body to match your figure, bikinis will be seen with small, subtle cuts to define your body and give you an edgier look.
Bold Bandeaus
Similar to a bikini but with a strapless, straight top, a bandeau could be a great alternative to the classic triangular top. Though bandeaus have been in fashion in the previous seasons, but this time, designers are out with new styles combined with exciting colors and prints. While neon yellow tones are perfect for women with darker skin tones, those willing to show off their feminine side, the collection has flirty and bright patterns to pick up.

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