Putting on makeup is an art which not many know of. Go through the article, to get tips on how to put on makeup. These tips would help you get gorgeous!

How To Put On Makeup

Oh, lucky Snowhite! She had the flawless skin that women today die for and the rosy cheeks that have given cosmetic manufacturers their chance at fortune building. For most women today, makeup is a necessity and not a casual desire. But if you look at it closely, makeup is not just a necessity—it is more of an art. You do not just buy beauty products worth a fortune and apply them anyhow for a look. Putting on makeup is a subtle art and does not, in any way, favor overdoing. Although every occasion calls for a different kind of look, the basic of makeup still remains more or less the same for every look. It starts with a base coat and moves on to give you a cat look or a subtle office look or a wild party look—basically any look that you want. The specifics vary all the time, but the base making holds firm grounds in the age-old basics that Cleopatra handed over to the next generations.
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Tips For Putting On Makeup
Cleansing & Moisturizing
Never start make up without first cleaning your skin thoroughly. You may use a face wash, a scrub or even a cleansing milk to do this. Once done, sprinkle water on your face and wipe it dry. Then use some mild moisturiser to rehydrate your face, so that the makeup sticks and doesn’t make your face dry. You may alternatively choose to rub some ice over your face before you moisturise it. It helps makeup stay for a longer duration.
Yes, that lipstick-shaped cream colored stick is the one that goes in first. In this time of immense pollution and stress, we all have dark circles, blemishes, acne and acne scars. And putting a blusher right on top of those already pink pimples is the worst idea one can think of. Dab the concealer on the flaws of your face that you wish to conceal. Do not rub the concealer hard. Just dab it a little.
Now choose the foundation that best suits your skin color—cake or liquid foundation. Blend it with your skin, not making your complexion light or dark. Massage the foundation properly in your skin for the best possible look.

Blush On
Now choose the color that either matches your skin or the general color code that you are following for the particular occasion. Using the brush, apply the blush on your cheekbones straight to the direction of your ears. Touch up your chin and forehead a little and then massage the blush to blend in well with the skin tone.
This makes all the difference. For a party look, go heavy on eyeliner both on the upper and lower eye lid, while maintaining a low profile on regular occasions would serve well.
  • Apply required color of eye shadow first on the edge of the upper eyelid and smudge it with a brush or your hand.
  • Now line your upper lid with the required strength of eye liner in a single stroke. You may choose to thicken it with another stroke, depending on the occasion.
  • Now add up some strength to your eyelashes with mascara. Always remember that mascaras work in double coats, but the second coat must be applied only when the first one is fully dry.
Lip Color
Most of the women think that lip shades must go with the outfit they wear, but what they do not realise is that their face is an identity in itself and does not have to reflect the clothes only. The lip shades must invariably complement the eye makeup. If eyes have darker colors, then you must tone down the lips and vice versa. You can draw attention to only one of these features. Making both bold will be scary, while making both too light will be too dull. And never forget to line your lips properly before putting the lipstick.

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