Sunglasses are the best decoration for a woman’s eyes. Check out this article and find out the latest fashion trends for sunglasses in 2011.

2011 Sunglasses Trends

Beautiful and attractive eyes are the most appealing part of a person’s body. They introduce a person to the world. So, how about turning the world beautiful by donning a beautiful pair of sunglasses on those gorgeous eyes? Sunglasses are one of those indispensable accessories that mask or change the entire image of a person. These days, designers are creating daring sunglasses that turn old-fashioned pieces of clothing and add-ons into a futuristic look, extending their shelf life for years. Whether you are looking for sunglasses for a business look, sports wear, or a bold and ultra-trendy look, the market has numerous high-end brands offering you your choice. Like every year, 2011 too has brought some unique sunglasses trends different from the previous years. Glance through the lines below to find out the sunglasses fashion for 2011.
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2011 Sunglasses Fashion Styles
Big & Bold
The most fashionable and preferred sunglasses are huge frames with dark lenses. The admirers of these glasses range from the young and old, and hence, the demand for them is constantly on the rise. These massive and bold sunglasses are also flaunted by celebrities to hide their identities in public places. Thus, for people who follow the style quotient celebrities, bigger frames and darker lenses is the way for that chic style statement. Almost all fashion brands offer a whole range of retro sunshades to meet their customers’ needs.
Sports Sunshades
Apart from the huge frames, sports sunglasses are another trend that are rapidly gaining popularity. It is due to style that they ooze out and present an ‘almost everything goes’ statement that they are being fascinated by many people. Moreover, the shades are available in a wide range of colors, frames and lenses which cannot be avoided by those wanting eyeballs. You have a frame to match your every single dress and style, thereby portraying a different personality each day. The casual and fashionable look in affordable price makes sports sunshades a hot favorite for 2011.
Shield Sunglasses
Sporting shield sunglass is another fashion trend that is creating waves mainly due to their trademark single-piece lens that fits both the eyes. For those having a round face, these sunglasses perfectly wrap around your face, thereby adding style and character to your personality. If shield sunglasses are what you are willing to experiment with, in 2011, check out the lenses available in different colors and color combinations to fit your style.
Retro Look
The 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s look is making a comeback. Considered highly fashionable, this look is expected to be flaunted extremely in 2011. Round glasses and replica sunshades are highly in demand mainly due to their high competitive prices and quality. Easily available at a fraction cost as opposed to their authentic counterparts, the retro shades can be found in all shapes and sizes. Further, they even provide UV protection which serves as an added advantage.
Diva Delight
Step into the diva look by picking up one of these over-sized and angular frames in contrasting shades. The bright colored rims are complemented by lenses in colors of jet black, brown or mixed shades. The jeweled accents and glitzy embellishments on the temple add a touch of class and elegance.

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