Are you one of those fashionistas who is always engrossed in finding the latest trendy t-shirt to expose your bold curves? Steer through this article to know the t-shirt fashion trends for 2011.

2011 T-Shirts

As soon as the winter season and the chilly winds will be off to another destination, you would be eager to find a trendy and comfortable t-shirt to match with your pair of jeans. Since t-shirts are the favorite fashion items for most celebrities, it is obvious that you would want to own at least one or two of such comfy and casual tees. Every year, several new and latest fashion trends are introduced in different styles, cuts and textures, giving you an array of tees to choose from and be a true fashionista. Show your originality by sporting a hot t-shirt as the year 2010 bids adieu and welcomes 2011. Take a look at some of the t-shirt fashion trends that will take the lead in 2011.
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T-Shirt Fashion Trends 2011
Vintage Prints
Commonly seen on the beach, the overall printed tees were a common sight throughout 2010. As the earth will enter the 2011 phase, the fashion is bound to move backwards by bringing back the vintage style prints on t-shirts. Instead of colorful and bright all over prints, you can expect to see the golden era and history to come back. You have civil war prints, hand-colored fashion prints, stone engravings, woodcut, antique prints, and artifacts to be a few of the hottest trends coming up in 2011.
Plain Texts
Cool and sexy t-shirts are back this season. Whether you want to reveal your mood, want to go eco-friendly, or go crazy, the fashion market has numerous t-shirt quotes to choose from. Check out these. ‘If you don’t stop looking so sweet, I will cuddle you’, ‘FRIENDS if you buy me a diamond’, ‘Save Water, Drink Blood’, ‘Go Ahead, Uncode Me’, ‘Husband And Cat Lost. Reward For Cat’, ‘Caution: Mood swing in progress’ and ‘Stayin’ Alive!’ are just a few of the texts that are sure to form the spotlight.
Bright Colors
Apart from traditional and decade-old prints, T-shirts are likely to enter the market in bright, vibrant and vivacious colors. The quotes and graphics will be highly complemented by colors and lots of colors. What's more, even the black and white photographic prints will be matched with colorful textures and patterns. Thus, 2011 promises to be a colorful and bubbly year.
Tattoo Prints
Right from tribal prints to accessories to logo designs to flowers to animals, tattoo prints will be a big fashion trend in 2011. With umpteen options in hand, you are only bound to get confused to pick the perfect one. Crosses, butterflies, sun, Celtic, angels, human figurines, lilies, daisies, trendy logos, and others are expected to be the top picks of 2011.

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