Reveal your sex appeal, comfort, confidence and intimacy by donning a sexy piece of lingerie. There are different types of lingerie to fit every occasion. Check out some with this article.

Types Of Lingerie

A perfect and seductive way to cover as well as expose your body, lingerie can make a woman feel and look stunning and confident, sporting her femininity and sexuality. Little do people know that the word lingerie has been borrowed from a French word which refers to undergarments in general, while most English speaking nations consider the same term to enhance female figure and make her more attractive and sexually appealing. Though millions of women wish to wear sexy lingerie to bring excitement in the bedroom, most of them fail to do so simply because they end up picking the wrong piece. With several types of lingerie available at the intimate wear section of any department store, you are bound to get confused to choose your pair of innerwear. It can range from delicate to demure, sweet to radical, silky to soft. Here is a list of different kinds of lingerie that you can choose from. For comprehensive information on lingerie, nightwear, innerwear and things to consider while buying them, check out
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Different Kinds Of Lingerie
Bras or Brassieres
The most commonly used lingerie, a bra or brassiere is used to support, cover and elevate the breasts. However, the degree of framing the breasts largely depends on the style, fashion, functionality, and type of fabric. The bra has the most number of types compared to any other lingerie. Women can choose from full coverage, backless, convertible, front-fastening, halter, longline, minimizing, padded, plunge or u-plunge, racerback, sports/athletic, strapless, strapless-backless, and bandeau.
Just like bras, panties too are available in different cuts and styles to choose from, depending upon a woman’s figure, comfort and desire. There are bikinis that sit on the hips covering the front and rear completely. For a more comfortable feel, try out briefs (yes, they are not restricted to men only) that sit easily on the waist. Bring out the glamour and attractiveness by trying flutter panties, which have elastic on the top and loose and frilly at the bottom.
Thongs and G-String Panties
If you want to expose your perfect shaped bottom, then thongs and G-strings are the perfect lingerie for you. They cover the front and leave the cheeks of your buttocks revealed with a thin, stretchable strip of fabric passing through them. Thongs are further classified as G-string, T-string, V-string, and C-string. While a G-string just has an elastic string at the back, a T-string gives the appearance of the letter ‘T’ at the back and a V-string separates into two strings to connect both the strings fastening the sides. A C-string, on the other hand, does not have a band to cover the sides and is shaped like a ‘C’ to cover the essentials with a flexible internal frame.
A sexy strapless bra that goes all the way to the waist with garter straps attached, a bustier pushes up the bust by tightening against the midriff. A bustier is made of silk or any other silky material. It can be worn with or without a panty. The primary role of a bustier is to enhance your breast line by giving them a fuller look and creating more cleavage.
Chemise is one of the simplest pieces of lingerie to be worn. It is a short gown with a straight cut that falls just above the knees. It fits tightly to the body and has thin, spaghetti-like adjustable straps. Generally made with silky fabrics, chemises fall naturally around your body giving you a sexy, refined look.  
A camisole is a short, loose-fitting sleeveless top that reaches the waist. It has thin spaghetti straps that go over the shoulder. Camisoles can be teamed up with a pair of matching panties or worn like a slip underneath a woolen sweater or open jacket.
Baby Doll
A two-piece set comprising of a robe or loose billowy top with a matching bottom is termed as a baby doll. The top, generally, is a short gown, with built-in bra-like cups, with a loose flowing skirt. This lingerie can be found in different fabrics, such as silk, satin, nylon or any sheer material, depending upon your liking and preference. A baby doll exposes the entire legs, while some styles even emphasize on exposing the breasts. Though they have a skirt, they are matched with panties, since they are short enough to expose the bottom.

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