This Valentine's Day, be a little different than the usual and give your sweetheart special valentines lingerie. Know more about sexy lingerie for Valentine's Day.

Valentines Lingerie

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to express your feelings towards your beloved. It is a day dedicated to the person who means so much in your life. This is why it comes across as just the right time to make your 'someone special' feel all the more special and loved. Gifts are one of the many ways, through which men convey their feelings to his sweetheart. While there are loads of options as far as Valentine's Day gifts are concerned, for many, lingerie represents the epitome of sexy Valentine's Day gifts.
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While lingerie is definitely an option for romantic gifts, it must be remembered that not all varieties convey your passion. The right kind of lingerie gift would be the one that is as per the liking of the person for whom it is intended. For instance, while some love to wear short and sexy nightgowns, for others, it might not be the ideal one. So, make sure that you know the taste and preferences of your partner, before buying the particular gift.
Buying Sexy Lingerie For Valentine’s Day
While buying Valentine's Day lingerie, there are lots of options which you can choose from. This includes baby doll ensembles, sexy bras, garter belts, nightgowns, teddies or even erotic lingerie. However, there are certain basic characteristic, which you must adhere to, while choosing the perfect valentine lingerie for your beloved. So, the next when you buy lingerie, remember that the following options always work. 
  • Silky fabrics that shimmer and cling to curves. Believe it or not, girls feel more confident when they put on clothes that highlight their curves. 
  • Since red is the dominant color for Valentine’s Day, it ideally also becomes the best color when it comes to buying lingerie. Other colors such as pink, yellow, white, black and turquoise also serve well
  • Talking about the patterns printed on the lingerie, nothing works more magically than hearts, lips, cupids, chocolates and flowers. However, make sure that the piece of garment looks elegant and not cheap.
  • Lace often accentuates the sexiness of lingerie. Pick one that has been beautifully styled and incorporates a lace. 
Types of Lingerie
For The Upper Body 
  • Babydoll is just the ideal pick when it comes to buying Valentine’s lingerie. A short, sleeveless, loose nightgown or negligee; it is often teemed with a matching panty and consists of formed cups, with an attached loose fitting skirt.
  • Bustier is a short fitting innerwear, resembling a Basque. The garment extends only up to the ribs or waist, pushing the breasts up and shaping the waist.
  • Camisole is sleeveless and tight fitting innerwear, covering the entire torso. It is available in different materials, such as satin, silk, lycra, nylon, cotton, etc and can be worn with or without brassieres. 
For The Lower Body 
  • Panty is the most common underwear used by women. However, you would be surprised to see the range of option available. Right from normal briefs to high cut briefs, from boyshorts to control panties, from hipsters to bikinis, you just need to get one that accentuates your lady love without making her feel uncomfortable.
  • Another variety of underpant comprises of thongs. It consists of a narrow strip connecting the waist strip. Thongs are available in varied sizes, shapes and materials.
  • A variation of thongs, G String consists of a string of fabric, connecting the front pouch with the waistband at the rear.

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