Beach wedding attire or clothing should be decided closely with regard to the venue. For more information on beach wedding wear, read on.

Beach Wedding Attire

A beach side wedding is one of the most romantic and dreamy events to take place in anybody's life. Initially, conventional marriages used to take place strictly in churches. However, with the relaxation in the societal norms of today, people have become more imaginative with the kind of setting they want to have on their wedding. It is for this reason that couples have started choosing beach theme for their weddings. It is considered to give the event a more romantic and lighter feel, as compared to the conservative weddings. Thus, the wedding attire or clothing for a beach wedding should be chosen keeping the theme in mind. To know what to wear on a beach wedding, read on.
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Beach Wedding Clothing
For Women
  • Beach weddings are deemed more informal, so the attire should preferably be made of lightweight fabric. Silk, chiffon, satin and organza are ideal choices for beach wedding.
  • Instead of long gowns, short and tea length dresses look more suitable.
  • Silk sarong, teamed with scarf, looks fantastic on a beach.
  • The traditional white color of the wedding attire goes well with the beach, matching with the sand and surf.
  • One can even go for a delicate blue hue for beach wedding attire, to match the color of the sea.
  • For a stylish beach wedding, go for dresses with halter neck, spaghetti straps or strapless top.
  • Sleeveless wedding attire can also be chosen, to look elegant as well as glamorous.
  • In case the wedding is taking place during summer, you can choose dresses with free flowing sleeves, to protect your hands from the scorching heat of the sun.
·        You can accentuate your beach wedding attire with jewelry made of beads, glass beads and semi precious stones.
  • For footwear, you can either stay barefoot or go for a flip-flop or a strappy sandal.
  • As beaches are usually windy, do not go for a veil. Rather opt for simple decoration with flowers and some decorative pins. A flower garland can add extra glamour to your casual beach wedding attire.
For Men
  • The groom should try to match his beach wedding attire with that of the bride's.
  • A light colored linen suit is considered an ideal choice for beach wedding, as it keeps the body cool.
  • The suit can be teamed with a solid, bright tie, which will compliment the attire as well as the tropical flowers around the beach.
  • For a less formal look, a dark pair of shorts, with a nice polo shirt, is a trendy choice for wedding attire.
  • A semi casual look can be attained by donning a button down or polo shirt, with a nice pair of pants or jeans. A t-shirt and sandal combination can provide a dashing look to the groom.

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