Prom 2011 dresses will be dominated by bright and vibrant colors. Browse this article to know all about prom dress trends for 2011.

Prom 2011 Dresses

You have an upcoming prom night to attend and do not know what to wear. You have searched your entire wardrobe and the market, but the same old short and long dresses are exhibited all over. Whether you are looking for a long glamorous gown, sassy and exciting short one, strapless prom dress, or a halter prom wear, 2011 has them all. These dresses give you a chance to look your best and different from the rest, when it comes to revealing your individuality. For 2011, the focus will be more on bright colors filled with spirit. Bright colors will make girls and young woman look more beautiful and fresh. Stroll through the following lines to find the perfect prom dress for your 2011 prom.
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Prom Dress Trends 2011
Since the trend for prom dress 2011 revolves around brightness, the colors that you can choose from include bold pink, brilliant orange, deep purple and blazing blue. Amongst these color schemes, you can play with different shades and hues. Whether you are a blonde or brunette, there is a shade available to match your style. Nonetheless, traditional black and white dresses are always in fashion.
Cuts & Styles
Different dress cuts flattering different body types and curves are in for 2011. The sweetheart neckline is one amongst the most popular, which adds a hint of elegance giving you space for wearing jewelry. Pair them up with dangling necklaces or chokers. Strapless homecoming dresses are another hit trend that permits you to wear your hair up, down or even to the side. If strapless sounds uncomfortable to you, 2011 has spaghetti straps and halters. While full length dresses flaunt elegance and tradition, short skirts reveal a more contemporary look with a hint of fun.
The most important aspect of a prom dress is the fabric that brings out your individual spark. Right from smooth satin to embellished bodices to colorful ruffles, the choice of fabric is completely yours. Simply choose one that adds to your overall confidence and poise. Whether the fabric clings to your curves or moves with you while you are on the dance floor, both styles form a part of the 2011 prom dress trends.
Ball Gowns
The sequence where Cinderella gets a face lift and dons that beautiful ball gown, dancing her way through the party is a dream of many young girls. If you are one of those, then ball gowns are your pick. These formal prom dresses perfectly fit any body shape with the exceptions of petite girls, simply because they will be lost in the ruffles and tiers of the draped ball gown. They are available to fit different bodices, both small busted and large busted. Also, if you want to complement your body frame, try out a halter or strapless dress.
Empire Prom Gowns
For all petite and tall girls, the prom dress trends offer you empire prom gowns. They elongate your waist and give you an appearance of a larger bust line. You can further elongate your appearance by playing with different hem lengths and opting for a shorter dress to look tall. Add a touch of length by selecting sweetheart necklines or halter prom dresses.
Sheath Prom Gowns
Also known as mermaid dresses, sheath prom dresses complement tall, thin, and petite girls. While tall girls can go for a full-length prom dress revealing their long legs for a classic and elegant look, petite girls can put on a sheath dress without cuts for a longer appearance. However, full-figured and pear-shaped girls should keep away from such dresses.

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