Flaunt a hot new look with a different haircut in 2011. Steer through this article to find different hairstyle trends for 2011.

2011 Hairstyles

Haircuts, undoubtedly, have a great impact on a person’s personality. Wearing a particular hairstyle can give you a beautiful and an all-together different look, especially if you are an attention seeker. With the beginning of 2011, we will get to see natural and more natural haircuts. Why? Simply because, it has been finally adjudged that a natural look is the key for appearing sexy, which most of us struggle for. With the right kind of haircut and perfect blend of colors complementing your skin tone, you are ready to exhibit your lovely locks and bangs. Right from very long haircuts to the grown out bob to super short haircut to pixie lowers, you will find styles varying largely in this season. To add on, braids, ponytails and retro-inspired hairstyles will be hot picks in the upcoming season. So whether you want to wear it long, short, sleek or sexy, there is a haircut trend for every fashion lover. Check out the different hairstyle trends that will be in vogue in 2011 in the lines that follow. Go ahead and kill someone with your gorgeous and cool hairdo!
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Hairstyle Trends 2011
Braids & Plaits
If you are one of those who keep looking for a hairdo that will manage your frizzy hair and still give you a sexy look, the year 2011 has braids and plaits for you. By pulling back and smoothing your hair, they are your perfect wonder friends whom you can rely on. Expected to be the biggest trend for 2011, braids fall into two different categories: tight and sleek like state-of-the-art hair architecture, and the chic version that exhibits a loosely worn matte look with locks snaking over your shoulders.
Short Hairdos: An All-time Favorite
Season after season, hairstyles are getting shorter. They give you a full range of styles to play with your hair. Get them sharp, blunt, or straight. Playful or rebellious, whatever you choose just make sure that the haircut enhances your facial features. With the cut right and styling done, you are ready to flaunt the trendiest hairstyle in the next year.
Fringe With A Bang
Go bold or elegant with fringes. With different variations in your hand, you can make a distinguished statement by putting forward a different personality. Choose your look from soft and wispy, casual choppy edges, or strong bold lines. They surely will give you a hot, sexy and fun appearance.
Straight Out, Curls In
The year 2011 will give you innumerable opportunities to expose your short or long curls, as hairstyles working around them will be highly popular. The curls would be back again to the main stream fashion extravaganza, giving way for the flat-ironed and sleek, straight look to exit. Try out long wavy tresses, soft romantic cascades, tight spiral styles or frivolous curls for the coming year.
Classic Bob
Bob haircuts seem to have made a permanent mark on the fashion industry. Though they have evolved over time, they remain a favorite amongst most fashion aficionados. For best looks, check out bobs with bangs or the asymmetrical look with one side longer than the other. Alternately, you can get a shorter back and longer front. To add volume, go for layered cuts in varying heights rather than sticking to one length cut.
Layered Black Pixie
Women with black hair should go for black layered pixie hairstyle to give a sexy glazing look to their face. By hiding any flaws in the hair, the layers so created are best for black hair and for adding color highlights. Giving your hair a simple change can perk up your personality and reveal a gorgeous and beautiful you.

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