If you think you are one of the few people who carry those beautiful curls, think again! There are several others exposing different types of curls. This article summarizes the various kinds of curls.

Types Of Curls

If you have always assumed curls to be only curls and nothing more than that, then you are highly mistaken! Curls have several kinds to their credit, when it comes to categorizing them. Though it is difficult to manage, curly hair has been largely creating waves around, with many flaunting their natural curls, while others opting for different curling methods to get one. Curls define fun, attitude and, moreover, can be carried by anyone and everyone. Right from waves to spiral curls to big, bouncy rolls, there are several kinds of curls at your end which you can confidently flaunt. Not only do they exude character and persona, they make you stand apart from the rest, creating a signature style. Check out the different types of curls carried by people, under the big blue sky. Take a look!
Different Kinds Of Curls
Wavy Hair
Hair strands that form the shape of the letter ‘S’ are termed as wavy hair. The best part about such hair is that it always stays close to the head and does not bounce up, even after being layered. Wavy hair is further classified into three different categories: fine and thin waves, medium-textured, and thick and coarse. Fine and thin waves are easy to handle and can be easily straightened or curled. Medium-textured hair is a little frizzy and less resistant towards styling. Finally, thick and coarse curls are highly resistant to styling and tend to frizz very quickly.
Curly Hair
Apart from the usual ‘S’ pattern, curly hair is characterized by well-defined and springy curls. This hair type can be easily styled in its natural form or can even be straightened using a blow-dryer. Though curly hair is soft and very fine, it has a lot of volume and body. There are two types of curly hair, namely, big curls and medium curls. As the name suggests, big curls are big, loose and full of shine. Conversely, medium curls have less amount of curl ranging from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews.
Curly Kinky Hair
This type of curls is either kinky or very tightly curled in corkscrews. The strands are packed very densely together. As compared to the above curl styles, blow drying curly kinky hair is very challenging, but can be achieved with a little effort. In general, the tight curls of this hair type are very fine in texture.
Kinky Hair
Kinky hair is the most extreme type of curl defined as very tightly curled. This hair easily reveals the curl pattern, as the hair is very wiry, very tightly coiled and, moreover, extremely fragile. It has the least cuticle layers, as compared to any other hair type. Hence, it is less resistant to the damage caused by combing, brushing, curling, blow-drying and straightening. On drying, kinky hair is likely to reduce up to 75% of its actual length.
Kinky hair has two categories: S pattern and Z pattern. Hair that is tightly coiled on stretching, giving the look of curly hair is termed as ‘S’ pattern. Such curls have a definite curl pattern. On the other hand, ‘Z’ pattern has a less definite curl pattern and bends in the shape of the letter ‘Z’ rather than curling or coiling. Nonetheless, it gives a cotton-like feel. ‘Z’ pattern hair has less moisture as compared to ‘S’ pattern. 

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