Tragus piercing is the new “in” thing! Read on to know about the aftercare for tragus piercing.

Tragus Piercing

Usually covered by a mop of hair, they are those ugly appendages that seem to stick out of the corners of your face, framing it in a rather odd way. They are that unnoticeable part of the body that requires no highlighting; however, from times immemorial we have subtly decorated them with metals and stones. If you too are someone with an ear fetish and love adorning piercings then the small projection in front of the ear canal known as the tragus is a subtle way of beautifying those ugly lobes. Tragus piercing is not everyone’s cup of tea; it is one of the hardest regions in the ear and takes a long time to heal. Good after care is essential after tragus piercing, as the area is highly susceptible to infections. Here are some precautionary measures that are essential in order to have an infection free piercing.
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Tragus Piercing Care
  • Tragus piercing does not hurt at all, as there are no nerve endings. However, some people do experience a little pain and blood is seen even after an hour, after the procedure. Home remedies like turmeric can be used to stop the bleeding.
  • The minimum healing time for the piercing is 2 - 3 weeks; therefore, it is essential that the piercing be cleaned at least 2-3 times in a day.
  • Take a clean cotton ball, preferably sterilized, soak it into the disinfectant solution, and apply it around the jewelry. Ask your piercer to recommend the disinfectant solution. However, you could also use saline solution, it is equally effective.
  • Make sure you soak the entire area around the jewelry, such that the solution enters the hole. Gently move the jewelry, rotating it in one direction, this practice will keep your cartilage from binding to the piercing as it heals over time.
  • After a while, a crust is going to be formed around the jewelry. This is transparent in color and increase the healing process. Do not scrape it off with your finger, as it can lead to infection. The crust formation might also cause slight itching .Do not itch the area.
  • Do not keep touching the area of the piercing every now and then. The bacteria or germs in your hand can affect the area.
  • Whenever you feel a need to change, clean, or touch the jewelry then wash, your hands with antibacterial soap first. However, it is preferable if you do not remove the jewelry till the entire healing process is complete, as the chances of the piercing getting closed is very high.
  • Do not let anyone else kiss or touch the piercing till it is completely healed. Exposure to saliva or dirt from other people increases risk of infection and will lead to unnecessary complications.
  • The pierced area is highly vulnerable to bacteria, keep changing your pillow covers everyday to lessen the chances of infection.
  • As far as possible try to wear, button up shirts. T- Shirts or pullovers can make the jewelry snag and thereby hurt your ears. This is usually the case if the piercing is still tender.
  • Avoid wearing earphones, as they will make the region stretch a little causing unnecessary pain. They might also contain bacteria, which will lead to infection.
  • Be extremely careful while talking on the telephone; make sure you clean the receivers with disinfectant solution before using it.
  • Another very important precautionary measure is using the right metal for the jewelry. Use 24-karat gold, surgical stainless steel, silver or titanium for tragus piercings.

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