Are you busy looking out for a haircut that would suit your round face? Read on to know about few hairstyles for both men and women with round faces.

Haircuts For Round Faces

A round face is as wide as it is long in dimension. The hairline is often wide, and the cheeks are usually full. This facial shape also makes the neck appear shorter. If you too have a round face, fret not, as you are amongst the likes of Catherine Zeta Jones and Cameron Diaz, both of whom flaunt a round face with much style and gusto. All you need is a proper haircut that would accentuate your appearance and make you look like a style diva. Once you have the perfectly suited haircut, bingo, you are ready to dominate the fashion circuit. In case you had given up hope trying to find the right hairdo for your round visage, worry not. Here we have for you a whole range of stylish hairdos which can virtually make your face seem long and thin. Opt for any of the below listed hairstyles and get styling!
Haircut Styles For Round Faces
For Women
Razor Cut
Before you decide to style this hairdo, here is a word of caution. If you happen to have a wavy or curly hair texture, avoid this cut since it would make your hair frizzy and flyaway. However, straight hair looks polished and interesting with a razor done. First, divide your hair into four even sections. Now, neatly make two equal portions upright and then divide each of it parallel from the middle. Pin the paralleled portions with the help of two hair clips. Leave the rest of your hair loose and begin razor cutting. Use the comb in the right direction while cutting. Practice makes the razor haircut perfect. If you don’t feel confident enough, get hold of a stylist for a suave look.
Layered Bangs
The all-one-length tresses look is no more doing rounds in the fashion circuit. A touch of bouncy layers or hip bangs into your locks can be flattering to your features and make you look a whole lot sexier. Especially meant for a round face cut, this hairstyle can add a lot of width to your cheeks, making the overall appearance virtually leaner. And what is great about these mane effects is that they don’t require losing lots of length. The type of layer would differ as per your hair texture. If your tresses are curly, go for long, graduated layers all over your head to give your spirals definition. This will, in turn, make them less frizz-prone. If your strands are superfine, get a layer cut done around ear-length to make your roots appear voluminous. For straight or slightly wavy mane, layers in the underneath section of your hair would impart a shaggy and out-of-the-bed look.
Angled Bob
Angled hairstyles usually work for round faces. A short bob cut from the back, keeping the sides long below the chin works wonders. What you need to remember is to reduce the volume of the hair on the sides, as the volume increases the roundness of your face. Though the straightness of a simple bob cut can increase the round look, an angled version can be magical. The angled bob is an uneven version of the regular bob. The hair is cut to have longer layers in the front, or to have one side longer than the other. Get the back snipped a bit longer and have the sides graduated. A great straightening iron and a mousse can help set your entire look.
For Men
Shag Hairdo
Considered as one of the best hairstyles for round faced men, thick hair is an essential element to style this particular hairdo. Shaggy hairstyle has face framing layers, done in various lengths, thereby creating a cascading pattern. With volume on the top and backside of your head, this messy look is easy to style and makes your face look elongated. Blow dry your hair and use a wax or molding paste for getting defined edges.
Razor Hairdo
This is yet another hairstyle in vogue among men with a round face. This hairdo helps cover your face with the side swept bangs and imparts a lean, suave look by narrowing the density of hair at the sides. However, go for this style only if you have a straight hair texture. If you don't have straight hair, get them straightened and go for this amazing style. You can get more innovative by combining a shaggy bob with razored layers. It is a low maintenance hairstyle and all that it requires to set is a little amount of gel and your nimble fingertips.
Caesar Hairdo
Named after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, this hairstyle was popularized by George Clooney. This is a short hairstyle with horizontally straight cut bangs, which sweep the forehead and make you look handsome. Even the side bangs are pushed forward on the face, virtually narrowing the width. This is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle and can also work well for those with medium curly hair. You can also spike it up for a night party.

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