Those who have oval face are often confused about the haircut style that they should flaunt. Go through this article and explore tips on hairstyles for oval faces.

Hairstyles For Oval Faces

It is quite easy to figure out what the shape of your face is. All you really have to do is sit in front of the mirror with your hair slicked back properly. Now take a lipstick and draw your face on the mirror, just the outline. When you get away from the mirror you will easily be able to see the shape of your face. It is quite essential to know what the shape of your face is so that you know what kind of makeup or hairstyle you should wear and enhance the best features of your face.  There are many types of face shapes, like: heart shaped, round shape, oval shape, square shape, triangular shape, etc.  An oval shape is considered as one of the best facial shapes one can have, since there is hardly any hairstyle that does not go with it. Not only that, those who have an oval-shaped face can also go for any shape of sunglasses and look gorgeous in them. It is the most versatile of the face shapes. Characterized by the length being double the width of face, it is the shape hair stylists love to work with. Those with oval shape face just need to get a hairstyle that adds glamour to their personality. The only thing that they need to avoid is really heavy bangs and lots of spikes.
It is a known fact that people with an oval face look fantastic in layers that fall on cheekbones or lips or chin, whichever pat of your face you want to highlight. All you really need to take care of is to stay away from the outdated hairstyles, you must keep changing your hairstyle from time to time otherwise your look will start to look very dull. Work whatever kind of your hairstyle you want according to the original texture of your hair; do not try to fight it. If you have naturally curled hair then do not pursue the look of straight hair, try and work a hairstyle that enhances your curls and goes well with your oval shaped face. Original texture always looks great. Read on to explore the best haircut styles for oval faces.
Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Layers and Curls
One of the best haircuts for an oval face comprises of layers and curls. Bangs are added to lift up facial features, by slightly sweeping them to the side. Along with that, there are multi-layers that frame the face closer at the top. The shorter layers are curled, while the longer ones are allowed to retain their natural waviness and look a little choppy. It adds more glamour to your eyes, cheekbones and lips. If you wear your layers short then it will help you put more focus on your neck and jaw-line. Therefore if you have a sleek and slender neck with a sharp chin protruding out then it will be perfect for you to wear short layers.
Jennifer Aniston Style
Amongst the most popular hairstyles for oval faces is the one flaunted by Jennifer Aniston. The hair is allowed to frame the chin and slightly graze the cheeks as well. There are a few layers highlighting the face, with the bangs being parted slightly. You will not require any curls or waves for this type of hairstyle. Remember her various hairstyles from ‘Friends’. She donned all types of haircuts really––from long flat hair falling down to her waist to kinky curls to really short layered bob. She has the most prettiest of oval shaped faces and Aniston definitely knows how to flaunt it.
Sexy Curls
Sexy curls are very easy to get and add loads of appeal to an oval face. For getting this type of haircut, you will require bangs that have been slightly swept toward the outer edges. This will bring attention to the eyes and eyebrows. The multi-layers of the hairstyle have to flow with natural waviness. Curly bang usually shrinks due to moisture in the air and might need heat styling to maintain that kinky bangs but bear in mind that heat styling is not favorable for your curls and might affect them adversely over the period of time. Therefore do not use heat styling as often. If you are donning bangs with your curly hair then be mindful that you do not cover your forehead completely, you can wear your bangs to one side of your forehead. This is because oval shaped face is for flaunting and not hiding off. Let the shape of your face shine. Celebrities like Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts are blessed with an oval shaped face and they very comfortably rock their natural curls on it; you could take a hint or two from their versatile hair styles.
Long Hair
Long hair looks great on an oval face. Apart from imparting a feminine look, it also imparts a classy appeal. However, you need to make sure that you do not leave the hair hanging in your face. Side parting will look as good as oval parting. Whether poker straight or naturally curly, long hair suit oval face well. You can wear your long hair relaxed and wavy to bring your eyes down a bit. If you wear it too straight then it might make your face look way too slim, giving you a look of a little girl. May be you can do without it, therefore try and wear lose waves in your hair over your oval shaped face to bring some volume in the hair and character on your face subsequently.

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