Are you wondering how to give haircut to a woman? Find out tips on giving haircuts to girls.

How To Cut Women's Hair

Hair constitutes an important part of the style statement we make. It is very important to have a good haircut because it enhances the beauty of a person. It is generally noted that women are very particular about their hairstyle. While most of the women go to the parlor to get a hair cut done, there are some who cut it for each other. Not only does it save money, but also allows you to experiment with different styles. In the following lines, we have provided you instructions for cutting women's hair. Follow them to give a give a simple haircut to a girl.
How To Cut Women's Hair
  • The woman who wants her hair to be cut should get seated in front of the mirror. Comb the hair so that there are no knots in the strands.
  • The next step is to spray water on the hair. If the hair texture is dry or curly, spray water becomes essential.
  • Make horizontal partitions in the hair. If the hair is a little too long, clip them. Remember to twist the hair before clipping.
  • The section closest to the base of the neck should be let free first.
  • Comb the released section of the hair. Hold the hair 1/4th inch from the end, in between your index finger and middle finger.   
  • With a pair of scissors, cut about 1/8th inch from the end.
  • With the cut, the snipped hair would be slightly shorter in length than the rest of the hair. Use the snipped hair length as a reference to cut the other segment of the hair.
  • Repeat the process until the released section hair has the same length.
  • While you have shortened a section of the hair, unclip the next section and comb it. Cut the rest of the hair in the same length as earlier.
  • Brush the hair to ensure that the hair cut is uniformly done.

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