There are many simple and easy to maintain hair cut styles for kids. Read on to know about different kids haircuts.

Kids Hair Cuts

Kids generally tend to be fidgety and impatient. Therefore incase you are selecting a haircut for your little son or daughter, try picking one that is as simple and easy as possible. There is no need to feel disappointed as even in the simple category, there are ample kids hairstyles you can choose from. These kids hair cuts are such that they demand less maintenance and at the same time, look cute. All you are required to do is get your child’s haircut trimmed every alternate month or so to keep it in shape. Read on.  
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Haircuts for Boys
  • Among the most popular and favorite kids hair cuts for boys is the Crew Cut hairstyle and Short Spikes. These look great and at the same time, are short in length and easy to create and maintain. These hairstyles look really cute on active little boys.
  • Another great haircut style for boys is the Slight Sweep. In this haircut style, the hair is parted to one side with hair length being not too long. Comb the hair towards one side in the middle as finishing touch. This kid haircut looks right for everyday basis as well as special events.
  • An easy to maintain hairstyle for young boys is the Simple Comb Down. The hair length is just a little above the eyebrows and combed straight down on all sides. On the sides of the head, this hair will be a slightly longer. This one looks really cool on little boys. 
Hair Cuts for Girls
There are basically two main hair styles for girls you can choose from. 
  • You can select a simple short Bob hairstyle for your little girl touching her ears. You can also opt to keep the Bob haircut up to shoulder length. You can easily pin up your daughter’s hair or make her wear hair-bands with this hairstyle.
  • If your daughter has long hairs, then you can consider curling the ends to provide it waves and ringlets. This looks good for parties and special occasions. For normal days, you can tie up your little daughter’s long hairs into a ponytail or a pigtail.

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