Like any other surgical procedure, plastic surgery too, has its own set of risks and complications. Know more about the common dangers involved with plastic surgery.

Risks Of Plastic Surgery

The desire to look beautiful has made plastic surgery very common amongst the rich. It is, in fact, rarely used for a valid medical requirement while cosmetic reasons are making the most out of this surgery. In the past few years, plastic surgery has become popular worldwide regardless of the involved dangers. Similar to any other type of treatment, plastic surgery too, has some benefits as well as risks. If done by qualified and experienced surgeons, the results have been positive most of the times, however, there are chances of intrinsic risks and complications to occur in any type of surgery. Some common risks of plastic surgery are discussed here.
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Complications & Common Dangers With Plastic Surgery
Allergic Reactions: Probably you are over with the surgery, but the medications could prove allergic to you. So, it’s always better to consult the doctor if you’re allergic to any salt. Sometimes, anesthesia can also be dangerous. 
Hematoma: Hematoma, or blood clotting under the skin, is a frequent problem that develops underneath the skin. If not treated in early phases, such a clotting of blood could be fatal.
Seromas: In the case of seromas, there is accumulation of tissue fluids under the skin. They usually occur in operations where tissues are removed. Their signs are enlargement, weight increase and sloshing of fluids.
Scarring: However small the incisions are made, there is always a possibility of scars. Thickening of skin edge and formulation of granular tissue can occur in the process of healing. Also, if incisions don’t get healed properly, they leave ungainly marks, or scars behind.
Drop in Blood Pressure: A decrease in the blood pressure during surgery is normal, but a rapid drop due to blood loss can result in irregular heartbeats and also a heart attack.
Necrosis: Insufficient supply of oxygen to the operated area can cause death of the tissues. Although very rare in normal cosmetic surgeries, necrosis can occur in plastic surgeries involving face lifts, breast reductions and tummy tucks. Also, smokers are more prone to this possibility, due to blood vessel constriction and relatively less oxygen supply.
Nerve Damage: In some cases, the patients experience temporary or permanent numbness and tingling sensation. It happens because some nerves get damaged during the surgery. Patients also tend to experience weakness or paralysis of certain muscles, if a nerve related to muscle movement is impaired.
Bleeding & Infection: In severe cases, bleeding and infection has been found amongst the consequences of surgery. Consumption of painkillers to curb the pain can also be hazardous in the long run.
Adverse Reaction to Anesthesia: Reactions to anesthesia are rare, but hazardous, if at all they occur. The risks depend on factors like healthiness and seriousness of the injury. Common risks are nausea and sore throat.
Loose Stitches: Cosmetic surgery can cause internal bleeding or hernia if the sutures loosen up after the surgery. An immediate surgery would be required to correct the problem.
Death: Excessive and repeated plastic surgery can lead to permanent damage to the body structure. Some surgeries have also caused death of the patient, because of severe complications.

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