Emo hairstyles look absolutely trendy and bold on both guys and girls. Explore the article to know about some emo haircuts for a girl with medium length hair.

Emo Hairstyles For Girls With Medium Hair

Emo haircuts are undoubtedly one of the hottest and the boldest-looking hairstyles. Though these hairstyles look good on members of both the sexes, they make more of a bold and attractive statement when sported by women. The best part is that the same emo haircut can impart a distinctive look even when sported by two different people. This is because these hairstyles are more about the individual style of a person, than the latest fad and trends. Since the emo look is an extremely bold and unique look, it is important to carry it with confidence. Without the confident persona required to carry it, even the best emo hairstyle will not suit you. In case you are considering the audaciously stylish emo hairstyles for your medium length hair, read the article to know some of the best ones.  
Medium Length Emo Haircuts For A Girl
Razor Cut
Razor cut is one of the most basic emo hairstyles for girls with medium length hair. This cut is uneven and often combined with cascading layers. Layers are one of the most basic features of this emo hairstyle. The hair at the crown is dense and the density reduces as you come downwards. In the medium emo haircuts for girls, the layers should cascade till the ears. Further, straight layers should fall on the shoulders. These layers are to be kept straight and given sharp and defined edges. They are mostly cut uneven and styled according to whatever length the haircut is.
Fringes are considered to be a must in almost all of the emo hairstyles. In medium-length hair, fringes can be kept up to the forehead or brought forth till the cheeks. If the fringes are long, they should follow a tapering pattern. Most emo hairstyles have fringes or bangs falling just on one eye. You can also go for fringes of equal length, covering the forehead in entirety and slightly falling over both the eyes. Also, fringes are to be flat ironed, which makes the emo style appear funkier. One can also go for shoulder length straight hair sans layers and long fringes on one side, to sport a sleek hairstyle.
Colors For Emo Hairstyles
Hair color has a very important role, as far as an emo hairstyle is concerned. Some of the best emo hairstyles have been glorified due to their attractive color. While using colors, your options are many, as you can experiment with almost all the colors to come up with a unique look. The boldest looking combinations work very the best with emo hairstyles. Purple or blonde color can be added to the fringes, if your hair is jet black. Vibrant red or orange streaks on a certain section of the hair, or the fringes, will make your emo haircut look just perfect. The frosted tip look goes well with medium-length hair. The bottom 2-3 inches of hair can be colored in a shade opposite to that of the natural hair. Many girls also go for two-tone emo hairstyles, which sports two contrasting hair colors.  

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