Medium layered haircuts are versatile, enhancing the appearance of the face and making the hair look lively. To know all about medium layered hairstyles, check out the tips given in this article.

Medium Layered Hairstyles

Layering gives your hair a jazzy style, adding to its liveliness and softness as well. Medium layered hairstyles are flattering and enhance the beauty of the face. They make the hair flip and bounce, thereby enhancing the appearance of the person sporting it. While choosing a medium layered haircut, you should remember to choose the one that complements your facial shape well. In the following lines, we have given information about the basic characteristics and types of medium layered hairstyles. Apart from that, a number of tips have been given for choosing and maintaining the perfect medium layered haircut.
Characteristics Of Medium Layered Hairstyles 
  • Medium layered hairstyles are generally differentiated by the way the ends are tapered. The ends may be symmetrical, angled or jagged.
  • The hairstyle can also be classified according to the number of layers. Depending upon the texture and thickness of your hair, you can go about adding greater number of layers to your haircut.
  • In a medium layered hairstyle, the length of the top layer of hair is usually kept to the full length. This helps smooth out the hairstyle. 
Hairstyle That Suits You 
  • Creating the right balance of height and width, in a medium layered hairstyle, becomes necessary for those with oval or heart-shaped face.
  • Straight medium hairstyle is a strict no-no for people with square shaped faces. They should choose a haircut that lifts the facial features and frames the face appropriately, to create a nice impact.
  • In medium layered hairstyle, stylize your hair wide and full at the top, if you have a wide chin. Brush your hair away from your face, in case you have a narrow forehead. 
Maintaining Medium Layered Hairstyles 
  • Layers often look shaggy, if they are not given proper care. It will be difficult for you to manage your layered hair, if you do not trim them regularly. Trimming of the hair once in six weeks is recommended, so that you keep the style looking great.
  • Do not forget to condition your medium layered hair after shampooing it. Apart from keeping the hair manageable, conditioning prevents split ends.
  • While stylizing your medium layered hair, make use of a little amount of hair gel, to separate the layers. This would add distinction to the style and make it look flattering as well.
  • Stiff layers are unattractive. Enhance the natural flip and flow of the hair, by blow-drying them. 
Popular Medium Layered Hairstyles 
  • Angled Ends
  • Jagged Tapering
  • Symmetrical Tapering
  • Full Length Top Layer
  • Mid-way Length Top Layer
  • Short Length Top Layer
  • Choppy Layers
  • Minimal Layers
  • Multiple Layers
  • Wavy Medium Layers
  • Curly Medium Layers
  • Straight Medium Layers

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