Find it difficult to style your hair in a way that frames your square face best? Read on to find out some layered hairstyles especially for square face types.

Layered Hairstyles For Square Faces

You cannot change what that Big Guy upstairs gave you, but you can know best what to do with it. You may not be able to turn your square face into a round or oval face, which look good with a number of hairstyles, but with just a little bit of thought, you can look glamorous too. Square faces are perhaps the most difficult to style, as the volume around the cheeks needs to be reduced effectively. Layered hairstyles were introduced especially for such faces, and have become immensely popular over the last few years. In fact, not just people with square faces, but people with other face types have also tried them. However, layered haircut look best on square-faced people. After all, if Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore and Emma Watson can be made to look good, so can you. Read on to find out more layered haircuts for square shaped faces.
Layered Haircuts For Square Shaped Faces

Short And Straight I
For this hairstyle, the top is cut layer cut shorter and razored to give soft high spikes. The fringe or bang in the front is left longer and styled to one side to give the effect of a diagonal movement and also to reduce the volume of the forehead. The sides are styled on to the face, also left longer and given a wispy soft touch. In fact, the overall look that this hairstyle gives is a very wispy soft look that tends towards formal. 

Short And Straight II
This hairstyle gives the wearer a spiked, messy look that would be best suited for a fun evening. It takes away the emphasis from the squareness of the face and gives it an oval and more balanced appearance. The bangs are wispy and messy, with an opening almost at the centre of the forehead. The sides are longer and draw the maximum amount of attention from the onlookers. 

Medium Length And Wavy
For this hairstyle, the hair at the back is cut to shoulder-length and the layers gradually get longer, till halfway up the head. The sides are angle-layered, and finish at the same height, which helps bring them out softly, and takes away the attention from a broad jaw line. The bangs on the front are swept to one side and the sides, starting at the top, finish halfway behind the ear, and add height to the wearer’s face. 

Medium Length And Straight
This is the kind of hairstyle that is sported by Jenna Elfman, American television actress. The parting in the head is asymmetrical, and the bangs on the front give a dramatic change to the overall shape of the face, taking attention away from the jaw line. 

Long And Straight
This style is all about the deception. The face is to be given a triangular look and this can be achieved by sweeping the bangs to one side and by creating long, wispy sides, that fall right below the chin and at the back. 

Long And Wavy
The layers in this case, are heavy and over-extended, through the back and sides. The waves in the hair are accentuated, which in turn decreases the attention, on the heavy jaw line. The top can be left, a little flat if the need be; it will be compensated by the length of the hair at the back and sides.

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