There are many different types of layered hairstyles that can be tried according to your face cut. Check out layered hair style cuts.

Layered Hairstyles

Tired of seeing your long locks day in, day out? Desperately looking out for a change in hairstyle? Well, this just might be your lucky day as we bring you ideas on different types of layered hair styles. If you have been cribbing about having long hair, you need to cut it out right now! Long hair has a lot of advantage over short hair. People with long hair can go in for many different styles like pony tails, buns, plaits, or may simply leave it open. One of the most popular cuts that can be tried on long hair is the layered style. This can be done without compromising on the length of the hair.
Layered hair style is a very popular cut that suits best on people with silky long and straight hair. The layers are visible only if the hair is straight and not wavy or coarse. If you want, you may emphasize the layers by using highlights. The hair along the perimeter of the face is cut in different lengths and falls on the face in layers. The shortest or the first layer is usually just below the eye-level while the longest layer in the front falls below the chin. Sometimes, even a razor is used to cut the hair to provide a certain kind of softness to the cut. The hair at the back can be long or short, straight, U or a deep-U cut, depending on personal choice.
Short Layers
The short layered hair style suits people who have a small and narrow face cut, pronounced cheekbones and not a very wide forehead. In this, the hair is cut really short and the shortest layer in front rests on the forehead, while slowly increasing in length as it comes down on the sides. The hair at the back usually ends just above the neck. A lot of fringes are cut so as to give texture to the hair. One may use some hair gel in order to give definition and volume to the cut.
Medium Layers
This kind of layered cut suits almost any face. The hair at the back falls just below the neck in a straight cut. As you proceed to the front, the length shortens reaching the cheekbones and forming a frame for the face. The forehead is usually visible since the hair is parted in the middle. With some gel or some hair spray, you can achieve a really chic look and also give volume to the fringes and layers.
Long Layers

Those who have long hair and are not willing to compromise on the length, can opt for a long layered cut. In this, the hair at the back is trimmed in a U or a straight cut. The hair in the front is given very soft and delicate layers. The shortest layer begins below the chin and increases gradually in length as you go to the sides. People who have a slightly long face or an oval face can opt for this hair style. Usually, after the cut, the hair is rolled towards the inside to form a very soft and stylish look.

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