The best way to beat the dryness of skin in winters is by following a few natural beauty tips. For a healthy and glowing skin, check out some home remedies for skin care in winters.

Beauty Tips for Winter

Winter comes and rings the message of buying peanuts that would be cracked beside the fireplace. Getting cloaked in loads of pullovers, snuggling in quilts and all such cozy thoughts, captures the mind as soon as winter season arrives. But those comfy feelings take a break when your skin gets flawed by the cold winds of winters. Never mind. All such problems can be kept away by taking a little care of your skin during the season. Healthy and flawless skin attracts the attention of everyone with its beauty.
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The texture of our skin depends on the external treatments over and above the diet, we are taking. The skin rejuvenates and revitalizes from within, if we take a proper nutritious diet. Moisture can be retained to the skin by drinking good amount of water. Moreover, water also helps to keep skin problems at a distance. A diet comprised of fruits and vegetables also provides water to our body. For softening the skin, primrose syrup and olive oil should be added to the diet. Following natural beauty tips / home remedies can do wonders to your skin. 
  • To clean your skin, make use of green gram powder paste instead of soap. Its regular use would leave you with soft and supple skin.
  • Before taking bath, apply a little coconut oil on your body to get rid off dryness and chaps. If you’re using soap, then use a creamy one which will provide extra suppleness to your skin.
  • In winters, moisturize your skin with good moisturizers and cold creams. It should be applied to your face as well as the body, and at least thrice a day, especially before going to bed.  
  • To retain the lost moisture from bathing, add a few drops of oil to the water that would be used in bathing. Avoid bathing with very hot water during winter because it can lessen the skin’s natural oils.
  • To treat your legs, add a few oil drops in the water and soak your legs in this water. For hands, use rubber gloves while exposing them to water. Always cover your nails by applying a base coat on them.
  • Use a good petroleum jelly as a weather shield for your lips. At times, Butter can also be used to get extra softness and to cure chapped lips.

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