African women with dark skin have their own problems when it comes to skin or hair. Here are some beauty tips especially for dark skinned women.

Beauty Tips For Black Women

Woman is perhaps the most beautiful creation that nature could ever have created. She was bestowed with the most beautiful features and a heart to match. Irrespective of race, cultural factors, and climatic conditions, women have been considered as representing all the finer qualities associated with human beings – patience, inner strength, unconditional love, endurance and so on. However, with the spread of imperialism and notions of white superiority, blacks, especially black women were reduced to caricatures and were seen as loose women. Black skin, which is a result of melanin levels being high, serves the purpose of protecting African people from the harsh rays of the sun. Black skin, though sensitive to pollution, ages much slowly as compared to white Caucasian skin, which is extremely prone to damage and ageing. Women of African origin had to deal for long with the fact that hair care, skin care, and makeup products were made only with the needs of Caucasian skin in mind and their skin colour, texture and its needs were neglected. Luckily, nowadays beauty products especially meant for African skin and hair are being manufactured and sold. Nevertheless, there are some beauty tips that black women should know to have better hair and skin and to avoid all beauty issues. Here are some beauty tips for Black women.
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Beauty Care For African Women 
Here are some beauty care tips for darks skinned African women for skin and hair:
Hair Care 
Since women of African origins have hair with natural curls, they have to constantly protect it from becoming entangled too much or too dry and brittle because of constant exposure to the sun. Hair care for a black woman can be a challenge also due to the fact that most hair care products are meant for Caucasian hair. Only recently have people begun to develop products meant only for an African woman’s special needs. Thin brittle hair can be made to look voluminous by a regular intake of essential vitamins like Vitamin A. Those who already have damaged hair should not braid it since braiding makes the hair inaccessible to vital ingredients that could actually help it, like natural conditioners using proteins or moisturizing elements. Those who sport dreadlocks should use a residue-free product to clean their locks. They must use a conditioner too, since hair becomes extremely sensitive to damage. Frequent shampooing will not benefit black women and will make the hair dry. Start the process by rinsing the hair with a good shampoo followed by a conditioner. Wash the hair with lukewarm water and cover it with a towel. Don’t rub your hair otherwise it will create tangles.
Skin Care 
The common myth is that black skin, because of its colour, is not susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays. The truth couldn’t be farther from it. No matter what popular beliefs might say, black skin is just as susceptible to damage from weather, sun, and pollution, as any other skin type. As a matter of fact, black skin is very delicate and gets damaged easily. Using sunscreen is important as black skin does burn. The melanin, which gives black skin its color, offers some level of protection, but like all skin types, long exposure to the sun can result in painful burns. Also, toner could easily be called an African woman’s best friend residing in the cosmetics chest. It supports closing the pores and prevents the skin from impurities. Some affordable and natural astringents include, honey or lime juice, rose water, witch hazel, etc. When you’re using honey, just rub it gently and when it gets absorbed into the skin, wash off the face. Don’t allow the honey to stay on the skin. Use a cotton ball to offer toner onto the skin.
The makeup tips for African women are quite similar to those for women of any other race. Since many of them have beautiful eyes and eyelashes, they must accentuate them with mascara and eyeliner. Never think that makeup will hide all your problems. If you have skin issues like acne, work on clearing it up before you wear makeup regularly. Many of the black women also have fuller lips, which would look excellent with just nude gloss and a lip liner for better definition.

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