A hot oil massage is perhaps the most inexpensive luxury you can treat yourself to, without blowing off your wallet and mane. To know more on the benefits of oil treatment for hair, read on.

Oil Treatment For Hair

Are you a shampoo addict and can’t go without washing your hair every single day? Do the alternate hours between freezing air-conditioned office and hot outdoors leave your mane at the risk of another dandruff attack? If yes, then oil treatment can just do the trick for you and save your much-treasured tresses from going limp, fray and dry. While hair quick-fixes leave us with the false promise of subduing our daily hair damage, little do these conditioners, serums and hair masks come in handy when it comes to banishing the hair bummers. A long day out in the sun, can strip your hair off all its nutrients and gloss, leaving it screaming for a nourishing relief. Here comes in the importance of oil treatment, a tried-and-tested method to replenish, rehydrate and rejuvenate your stressed mane, without any side effects. Oil nurtures, conditions, and boosts the strength and elasticity of your hair. What more, this easy process is both stress-reducing and health-promoting. To get a luxuriant mane without expending your time and wallet, just engage in the blissful therapy of oil treatment and get a glowing, lush mane. Read on for more on this.
Benefits Of Oil Treatment For Hair
  • Nothing can be more promising for your mane than a warm oil massage after a long day out in the sun, dust and pollution. Sun, chlorine and air pollution can strip your hair off its natural moisture, leaving it dry and dull. Boost back the natural moisture and hydrate your scalp with the goodness of sunflower, soybean or rosemary oil and see your hair spring back to life again.
  • Are those over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoos and other dandruff fixes doing little to help you get over those unsightly white flakes on your hair? A warm oil massage may be all that you need. A warm oil massage with essential oils will not only bring relief to the irritated skin, but oust the fungus too, keeping the dandruff and itchy scalp at bay.
  • Replace the expensive salon hair packs and conditioners with a warm oil massage and see you hair bounce back to life. Chemically potent conditioners do more harm than good to your tresses. Oil is easy on your hair and moisturizes your scalp gently, without damaging the hair follicles. Just engage in a blissful warm oil massage twice a week or every time before you wash your hair and get soft, flowing tresses. Oil helps soften and condition the hair, making it more manageable and lustrous.
  • Stress, pollution and unhealthy habits can often trigger hair fall. Oil treatment is known to be an excellent way to revive back lost hair and prevent hair fall too. Oil massage not only relieves stress, a primary cause behind hair loss, but also boosts blood circulation that is known to promote hair growth. A warm oil massage not only relaxes the scalp, but also results in supple, soft hair. It fortifies the hair roots and nurtures the hair-shafts, promoting new hair growth and mane health.
  • Are you wondering what to do with your dry, lifeless mane? If you are one of those people disgusted with your dry, drab hair, oil treatment may be the ultimate pampering for you. Nothing can do more wonders for a lifeless mane than soaking it to the essential richness of hair oil. Just indulge into oil therapy twice a week and sport a more lustrous, healthier mane. After all, what can be more replenishing and rejuvenating for dry, damaged hair? What more, oil treatment is also known to be the best cure for brittle hair and split ends.

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