Are you wondering how to deep-condition your hair, to make it lustrous and radiant? If yes, then go through the article and explore the best deep conditioning hair treatment.

How To Deep-Condition Hair

Have you ever eyed the long, beautiful, shiny tresses flaunted by someone else? If yes, then you would agree that maintaining hair is as tedious a task as is the body. Hair, just like our body, requires constant nourishment and nutrition. Regular traveling, chemical treatments, coloring, heat styling and environmental pollution wears out our hair completely, making it dull and boring. To combat such problems, you need to indulge in regular deep-conditioning of your hair. Not only would it enhance the quality of hair, but also help replenish lost moisture and keep your locks shiny and resilient. The process is not just simple and easy, but also one of the best ways to feed the hair. So, if you are wondering how to repair your dry and damaged hair, deep conditioning is the answer. To know the best deep conditioning hair treatment, read through the following lines.
Best Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment
Things Required 
  • High-quality Deep Conditioner
  • Plastic Cap
  • A Heating Unit (heating pad, micro heat wrap, hot water bottle or a blow dryer cap)
  • Water
  • Wide-toothed Comb
  • Leave-in Conditioner 
  • The first step towards deep conditioning your hair would be to wash it properly, using a shampoo. Thereafter, rinse your hair properly and squeeze it gently, until the excess water has poured out.
  • Now, take the deep conditioner and apply it liberally over the damp hair. With help of your fingers, work your way and ensure that every corner and part of the head is covered. Once the scalp is done, apply conditioner onto the middle of the locks as well as the ends. In case you who have thick or dense hair, work your way using a wide toothed comb.
  • Once the conditioner has been applied, seal the shower cap over your head, casing all your hair.
  • Now, put the heating device on your head and allow it to stay for 20 minutes. Heat opens the hair cuticles and allows the conditioner to go inside the scalp, thereby treating the hair internally. 
  • After 20 minutes, put off the heating device and remove the shower cap. Let your hair loose for about 5 minutes or so. This is an essential step, as it allows the hair shaft to close again, else you might experience heavy hair fall.
  • Now, rinse your hair using warm water. Though this would rinse off almost all the conditioner; to remove the greasiness completely, you will have to wash your hair with cold water again. Cold water seals the hair shaft totally and brings a shine to the tresses.
  • Finally, apply a leave-in conditioner and let your hair air dry. Your gleaming and glistening hair is ready to take on the world! 
  • Deep conditioning is best done during the evening. Believe it or not, cool temperature adds to glistening effect.
  • Weekly conditioning is an ideal way to maximize the effectiveness of the process. 
  • In case you have salon-colored hair, consult your stylist and make sure that the conditioner you use suits the hair color.

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