Here, we have listed some eyebrow plucking tips to help you get beautiful brows. Go through them and know how to pluck & shape your eyebrow.

Tips For Plucking Eyebrows

An eyebrow can say a lot about you. For instance, an arched eyebrow talks about pride, while a squinted one tells you about a frown! Similarly, well-kept, neatly-tweezed eyebrows say a lot about a grooming of a woman. On the other hand, an unkempt brow can spell doom on the beauty of even a woman dressed to the nines. Eyebrows are an important part of our body and display power, strength and elegance to a spectator. This is why grooming eyebrows is considered important to achieve over all beauty. Here, we have listed some tips for plucking your eyebrows to perfection.
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How To Pluck & Shape Your Eyebrow
Decide On The Brow Shape
The most important tip for plucking an eyebrow is to decide on the brow shape you want. Decide according to your facial structure. For oval and round face, a soft angled brow shape is perfect. A round brow shape and flat brow shape is recommended for heart shaped and long facial structure, respectively. However, if you generally get your eyebrows plucked from a salon and want to do it yourself this time, then stick to the given shape as much as possible.
Planning & Equipments
Choosing tweezers is as important as plucking the eyebrows itself. Invest in a pair of branded tweezers. The tweezers, which you buy, should have a firm grasp on the hair and should have good spring action. Generally, women prefer to tweeze in the bathroom. However, eyebrow plucking may take long and you would want to sit down. So, it is better to place a stool in front of the mirror and put all the lights on. Remember to provide accurate lighting for proper plucking. Place the mirror in front of you, but don’t keep it very near your eyes.
Starting The Process
Either wash your face with warm water or tweeze after taking a hot shower. It will help in opening the pores and the hair will get removed easily. Don’t rub ice on your eyebrow area, to numb the pain. It will lock the pores and the tweezing process will become difficult. Apply astringent or methylated spirit on your eyebrows, to reduce the pain. You can even smear a little hair conditioner or a shaving cream on the eyebrows, to make the hair smooth and easy to remove.
The Process
Before starting the tweezing, take a white brow pencil and use it to mark your brows in the shape you want. It will help to keep you plucking excess hair. The shape should be the same as your beautician has given to you. The start of the brow should line up with the nostril’s centre. Keep the skin taut and trim the extra eyebrows from the top. Trim only as much as necessary. You can use an eyebrow stencil to make sure that you remove the extra hairs only.
Trimming more eyebrows means getting a surprised look for many weeks and it will ruin the shape forever too. It is always better to pluck your eyebrows one and half weeks after getting them done from the salon. Before that, there will be extra hair, but not enough to be plucked properly. Remove the extra hair using the tweezers in the same direction of its growth. Pluck one hair at a time. Work from the middle to the end and then from the middle towards the nose. Stop in-between, to make sure you are going right. Don’t over pluck in any case.
Wow! You have done it. You have managed to pluck your eyebrows in shape, at home only. Now, brush them with a soft brow-brush and dust off the hair from them. Dab your eyebrows with a cotton ball dipped in astringent or an aloe-based lotion and admire your brow shape. You are ready to flaunt your polished and defined eyebrows in front of the world.

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